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After a photograph emerged showing her foot on the neck of a Black student named Zaelyn Jackson who was lying on the ground, a female teacher from Lamar Elementary in Greenville, Texas, was suspended.

However, Zaelyn Jackson, a classmate, defended his teacher’s claim that the photo was staged.’ The unidentified teacher has been close friends with Zaelyn’s mother for years, according to the Daily Mail. She even joked about putting her foot on his neck if he didn’t return an assignment when she texted her the photo.

Although Zaelyn and his mother thought the photograph was amusing, his father and aunt did not.


He is 11 years old.

Teacher Putting Foot On Neck Of Black Student Full Details

The teacher is Zaelyn’s mother’s friend, and she texted her the photo along with a joke about putting her foot on his neck if he didn’t return an assignment.

Zaelyn and his mother found the situation amusing, but the boy’s father and other family members did not, and the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the school district investigates.

Ms. Jackson also called the school to beg them not to fire the teacher, but they said it was up to the superintendent to make the decision. Zaelyn’s father Shamell said to WFAA: ‘I didn’t like it from the moment I saw it.

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‘I don’t really understand the whole situation, but all I know is it was never supposed to happen.’

Zaelyn was not hurt at all, according to the mother, who had known the teacher for years and had a close friendship with her. She said to NBC 5: ‘I didn’t think anything of it. It was “ha ha” and I moved on.

‘The picture then began to bother me a little bit, showed it and my family got really upset about it.’

The mother went on to say that she does not think the teacher is racist and that she does not deserve to lose her job because of the ‘joke.’

Zaelyn agreed, telling CBS 11 that the teacher should not be fired, ‘I think she was doing it as a joke. Like, she didn’t put pressure on it or anything.’

‘I feel like she was just playing. She didn’t mean harm.’

Zaelyn’s aunt, Lakadren Jackson, said, ‘No matter what race, what person, you don’t put your foot on, nobody else’s child.’

After the photo was widely posted on Facebook, the Greenville Independent School District sent an apology letter to all parents at the school and stated that they are investigating the incident. The photo was still circulated online on Wednesday after the Facebook post was taken down.

Zaelyn was held at home for his own protection, and his mother has since spoken with the teacher, who assured her that she would never harm her child.


In the meantime, the Greenville Independent School District sent a lengthy apology letter to all students’ parents.

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The incident was being investigated, and ‘reasonable action’ was promised, according to the authorities, who described the photo as ‘highly upsetting.’ According to the Daily Mail, the letter stated:

Tuesday, a highly upsetting picture depicting a Black student with a foot on his neck was posted and circulated on social media. Upon learning about this, we immediately contacted the family to check on the student to ensure his well-being.

We will continue to be in touch with the family to be sure the student feels comfortable and safe on campus.

Our Human Resources Department immediately contacted the employee who staged the picture. We take this situation very seriously. It will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken.

We have heard from many community members, and we understand their concern and anger. Greenville ISD embraces diversity and believes in the importance of treating all people with respect and dignity.

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