Zachery Ty Bryan (Arrested) Biography: Wiki, Age, Charges, Full Details

Who is Zachery Ty Bryan? Zachery Ty Bryan Bio/Wiki

Zachery Ty Bryan is an American actor and film producer best known for his role as Brad Taylor in True Heart (1999), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), and his movie appearances in the American sitcom Home Improvement. He was born in born October 9, 1981, in Aurora, Colorado, U.S.


He is 39 years old.


Bryan was born to Jenny and Dwight Bryan in Aurora, Colorado. He has a younger sister named Ciri. He attended La Salle High School and graduated in 2000.


He worked in local print and television ads in Denver before he starred in Home Improvement. He then appeared at a New York City showcase, directed by Peter Sklar, where a professional talent agent saw him. This and his interest in acting soon took him to California, where he was cast in the show Home Improvement in the role of Brad, the oldest Taylor boy.

As well as being the kid most frequently in trouble, his character was known for playing with various hairstyles. He’s one month younger than Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Randy on the show with his younger brother.

The film roles of Bryan include the school bully in First Child, the 1996 Sinbad comedy. He appeared as Jack Carlisle in the 1995 film Magic Island, and as The Principal Takes A Holiday in the 1998 TV film. He also appeared in 1999’s The Rage: Carrie 2 as Eric. Later, in the 2005 film The Game of Their Lives otherwise known as The Miracle Match about the 1950 US upset at the World Cup, he played defender Harry Keough alongside Gerard Butler. In 2006, he played in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as a villain named Clay, then in the 2009 TV mini-series Meteor, which aired on NBC.

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In the made-for-TV Syfy Channel film Thor: Hammer of the Gods, he also played Thor. The movie originally premiered on the 29th of November, 2009. In 2009, Bryan stopped acting because “he got tired of being in the industry” in his words.

Arrested in Oregon Full Details (Why Zachery Ty Bryan Arrested?)

Bryan was held on charges of strangulation, a felony, and misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report two weeks after separating from wife Carly Matros. This followed his current girlfriend’s apparent attack during an altercation at his home in Eugene, Oregon, on October 17, 2020.

Neighbors in an apartment complex in Eugene, Oregon, called the police on Friday at 10:24 pm to witness a physical altercation.

When officers arrived, according to an arrest published by TODAY, they discovered Bryan, 39, sitting outside an apartment.

Bryan allegedly hit the woman, impeded her breathing, and when she tried to call 911, she took her phone away, police said. The victim refused medical support.

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