Who is Yusuf Haque? Bio, Wiki, Age, Delivered A Pizza To The Top Of Snowdon

Yusuf Haque Bio/Wiki

Before reaching the summit of Snowdon to deliver a pizza, a Deliveroo cyclist named Yusuf Haque traveled 217 miles.

Yusuf Haque, a Cambridge student, climbed the 3,560-foot summit in full work gear. His achievement, which he completed with the help of fellow students from his Islamic Society, raised £5,000 for Charity Week and went towards helping children around the world escape poverty.

He went to the summit of England and Wales’ highest peak, wearing a branded jacket and helmet, and held the greasy treat aloft at the summit, according to mirror.co.uk.


He is around 26-28 years old.

Delivered A Pizza To The Top Of Snowdon Full Detail

His unusual stunt has caught the attention of viral meme channel No Context Brits, which posted a photo of the student with the caption: “Who ordered a Nando’s to the top of Snowdon?”

The shipping giant then quote tweeted the image, which had over 13,000 likes in less than 24 hours, with the caption: “Someone clearly fancied a little summit summit.”

Yusuf had brought a pizza, not a Nando’s, according to Charity Week, and his fundraiser took place at the event in October 2018, with the money being part of a total of £21,455.75 raised by his society.

Islamic Reef pledged £1.37 million to projects throughout the world after raising funds in six nations.

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