Who is Willow Wright? Bio, Wiki, Age, Burns Her Tongue

Willow Wright Bio/Wiki

After a snack of sour Warheads candies allegedly left her with a hole in her tongue, an Australian girl named Willow Wright is unlikely to look at candy the same way again.

Willow Wright started the saga when she plundered a cabinet full of her elder brother’s Warheads hard candies while her mother was upstairs working.

When the candy-craving kid swallowed 10 of the “very sour” candies, she reportedly felt a strong burning sensation in her mouth.


She is 4 years old.

Willow Wright Burns Her Tongue Full Details

According to Australia’s 9News, Willow, who went crying to her mother after the confection disaster, stated, “It felt like the skin was coming off.”

The girl’s tongue has an actual crater on it, as if she drenched it in the acid from “Alien,” according to accompanying photos posted on social media.

Kirsty Wright, her shocked mother, told 9News about the mouth-melting incident. She said, “I burst into tears because I was really worried; I had never seen this before,”

Kirsty hurried her daughter to the doctor, who reportedly told her there was little they could do for her blistered licker and that the Warheads wound will heal itself in a few days.

Due to their high acid content, dentists have warned that sour sweets can be dangerous for young children.

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According to 9News, the caustic candies include four different types of acid: ascorbic, citric, lactic, and malic, and have a pH similar to that of hydrochloric acid.

The Australian Dental Association’s Jonathan Teoh said, “Products with this level of acid or pH can cause chemical burns to the cheeks and the tongue,”

“We do see a lot of trauma and a lot of damage that can be done to teeth and to gums from sour lollies.”

Kirsty is now using her daughter’s horrible injury as a warning to everyone who has a bad tooth.

“I just wanted to make parents aware of how dangerous these lollies are,” said the upset mother, who claimed she threw out every Warhead in the house after the event.

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