Who is Robert Sterkeson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Held Up Nazi Flag at Bernie Sanders’ Event, Brother Shot

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Who is Robert Sterkeson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Held Up Nazi Flag at Bernie Sanders’ Event, Brother Shot

Who is Robert Sterkeson? Robert Sterkeson Biography

Robert Sterkeson
was the man who, according to the Anti-Defamation League, held up a Nazi flag at a Bernie Sanders rally in Arizona on March 5. Sterkeson is the founder of Bomb Islam, an Islamophobic group.

Not long after the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum unfurled its flag, Sterkeson started shouting, “Heil Hitler,” witnesses said. Supporters of Sanders tore the flag from hands of Sterkeson before he was escorted out by security.

A man brought a literal Nazi flag to the rally of a Jewish Socialist candidate for President

He was escorted out by security forcespic.twitter.com/KOLhyJJFxZ

— Siddak Ahuja (@SiddakAhuja) March 6, 2020

Speaking to the Washington Post, Brianna Westbrook, “It was absolutely wild. I never thought I would have seen a swastika at a political event. It’s gross.” While an attendee, Ron Mack, told Buzzfeed News that “[Sterkeson] never put his arm down. Everybody was in disbelief.”

Sanders Did Not See the Flag of Sterkeson

Sanders does not seem to notice the flag in the video of the incident, as he is in the middle of thanking his supporters for turning up to the event. Sanders notices that Sterkeson is escorted out.

Who is Robert Sterkeson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Held Up Nazi Flag at Bernie Sanders’ Event, Brother Shot

Vermont senator told the crowd, “Whoever it was, I think tonight they are a little overnumbered. ” The Post described a scene outside of the rally where Donald Trump supporters “got into minor scuffles with Sanders supporters.” Sanders communications director Mike Casca confirmed to CNN, “[Sanders] didn’t see it, but he was told about it afterward and was disturbed.”

Sterkeson’s Brother Shot a Man With an AK-47 in 2007

Sterkeson’s Brither, Johnathon Sterkeson, was found guilty in 2007 of aggravated assault and unlawful discharge of a firearm after twice shooting another man. Robert Sterkson said his was the AK-47 that was used in the attack.

Johnathon Sterkeson argued that the shooting was performed in self-defense and that after a physical altercation he had suffered injuries from his victim’s hands. Records in the case say Johnathon accepted the fire. Those papers say the victim had “serious injuries” and was hospitalized 20 days after the shooting.

The victim’s sister wrote about the shooting in a blog post, “The gunman first claims the shooting was an accident then after being placed under arrest, he claims it was in self-defense, but somehow he had time to break away from my brother and retrieve the assault rifle from his vehicle. Two shots were allegedly fired, the first hit my brother mid-back barely missing his spine, the second missed is body completely.”

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