Who is Nancy Magana (School Teacher) Biography, Wiki, Age, cause of death, eacher Killed in San Bernardino Shooting

Nancy Magana Biography– Nancy Magana Wiki

Nancy Magana Bio

Nancy Magana was a middle school teacher who on Friday night was discovered shot deadly in a park in San Bernadino. Magana Had Just Competed Her Teaching Second Week.
She worked at the Del Vallejo Middle School as a teacher complete time.
Magana’s sisters were three. Her parents and her son also survive.
Nancy Magana Age

Born in 1995, she passed away at the age of 24.
Earlier Life & Education

Magana grew up in California’s San Bernadino. She attended high school in Arroyo Valley, then went for her undergraduate care to San Bernadino Valley College. Although she had just become a full-time teacher, Target was also mentioned by Magana’s Facebook as the location where she worked somewhere.
Nancy Magana Children

Magana’s had a Son at the moment of her death, who was 5 years old. She had just become a full-time teacher, and Magana’s Facebook listed Target as the location where she worked.

Unknown Facts About Nancy Magana

The relationship status of her Facebook reads only formally, but many publications quote her boyfriend at the moment of her death as having been with her.

While in college, she became pregnant and had to adapt to life as a young mother. She took several employment at the end of college, from coaching local soccer leagues to refereeing soccer matches at other college events, per The San Bernadino Sun.

Maria said she paid her way through college to the newspaper.

She said,

“She was her son’s superhero. He thought that nothing could ever hurt her. To him, she was the fastest and strongest, and everyone else came second … He always said my mom is the number one love of his life.”

Nancy Magana Cause of Death

Nancy found dead on August 16 in a San Bernadino park on Friday evening.

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The sister of Magana, Maria Magana, informed The San Bernadino Sun that at the moment the shooting started, her sister was with her partner and five-year-old son. A murder inquiry is ongoing by the police.

Maria said,

“She was always giving for everybody else. Even if she just had a dollar, she would still give that to anybody who needed it.”

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