Who is Naama Issachar | Naama Issachar (Jailed in Russia) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Charge, Social Media Campaign

Naama Issachar Wiki– Naama Issachar Biography

Naama Issachar Bio
Naama Issachar Bio

Naama Issachar Bio

Naama Issachar
is an Israeli-American lady, 25 years old, who has been imprisoned in Russia since last April after police discovered 9.2 grams of cannabis in her checked baggage. Issachar was born in the United States when she was 16 years old and moved to Israel. She maintains dual citizenship between the U.S. and Israel.

Issachar entered the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served as a soldier in the fight against military intelligence.

She was a “Lone Soldier” who volunteers to serve in the IDF, a foreign Jewish person or female. Lone soldiers make up about 2% of the Israeli army and are extremely respected.

Issachar left Israel for a three-month backpacking journey through India on January 9 after her military release.

Backpacking through India, South East Asia, and South America is a rite of passage for many Israelis after finishing their military service, enabling them to relax and have fun before going to college or finding a job.

Naama Issachar Family And Sister

Issachar’s sister said the family had to “jump through hoops and fire” in jail to communicate with her. Gold said her family had to “jump through the hoops and fire” since April to get approval to visit her sister or talk to her.

She went on to say that her mother was only permitted to see Issachar four times and talk to her on the phone twice in four-and – a-half months, far less than the two monthly visits and one weekly phone call for Russian inmates.

The judge instructed Issachar to be kept in a Moscow police station until her court date of September 3 at the August 20 session and could not have any phone calls or family visits.

The U.S. officials reported by Israel Hayom. Embassy met four times with her and a rabbi from Moscow was able to transfer letters from family members to Issachar.

Issachar’s trial has been postponed six times and she’s been transferred to three different detention centers or prisons since her arrest, Lazar said, adding that she is currently being held with local drug dealers who ask bizarre questions such as the cost of marijuana or cocaine in Israel.

Naama Issachar Charge

She was originally charged with possession, a comparatively minor offense, but the charge was raised a month later to smuggle narcotics. Issachar refuses to possess or smuggle drugs.
Her family stressed that she did not have access to the marijuana authorities discovered in her bag during her four-hour layover in Moscow and did not plan to stay in Russia.
The cousin of Issachar, Meital Lazar, informed Ynet that Issachar’s worst-case scenario is a sentence of 3-10 years. “She is regarded as one of Russia’s largest criminals.”

Family Started a Social Media Campaign

The Family launched a campaign & petition for social media to help the release of Secure Naama.

A Facebook page of WeWantNaama was established on August 16 to gain Issachar assistance and maintain the public updated on their case status. Currently, the page has more than 2,000 members who comment and share information.

Updates are also provided by a WeWantNaama Instagram page. The pages include appeals to the United States and Israel to take action and warns about flying through Russia. Both are asking followers to use the hashtags #FreeNaama and #WeWantNaama.

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