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Maddison Brown Wiki– Maddison Brown Biography

Maddison Brown Liam Hemsworth New Girlfriend

Maddison Brown Bio

Madison Brown is a model and actress from Australia. She is best known for her appearance in the CW’s 2017 drama dynasty reboot as Kirby Anders. She is Liam Hemsworth’s rumored new girlfriend after being pictured holding hands on 10 October 2019.

Maddison Brown Age

Maddison Brown  is 22 years old.

Maddison Brown Height

Maddison is 10 inches high at 5 feet.

Maddison Brown Actress

Maddie Brown started her career at an early age, at the age of 5. She said she missed out on a lot of rite of passage as going to a formal and having a boyfriend when she was young during an interview with I

“Since I was about five, my whole life has been my career. Yes, I was traveling the world but I missed out on lots of rites of passage such as going to a formal and having a boyfriend when I was young. I feel very grateful that I got into acting young. But now that I’ve caught up on some of those things, I think my acting gets better. You have more perspective and depth to put into every role.”

She made her film debut as Nicole Kidman’s on-screen teenage daughter in 2015 in Strangerland. She thanks Nicole Kidman for encouragement when she was at a crossroads during an interview with WWD in 2015.

“Nicole is someone who wants to nurture and support young actors and it was such a relief to be able to connect with her in a real way. I was sort of at a crossroads: I wanted to pursue acting 100 percent but still felt ties to the modeling industry. I still do. So she said to me, ‘You should keep doing this. You’re good at it.’ Which was, obviously, really encouraging.”

Maddison Brown Model

Maddison is a model for brands like Calvin Klein, Jason Wu and Phillip Lim who walked the runways. She participated in the 2015 campaign of Miu Miu Fall / Winter, taken by Steven Meisel. She told WWD that she was working with the famous photographer “one of my ultimate career goals.”

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Maddison Brown Movies

  • Strangerland (2015)
  • The Kettering Incident (2016)
  • Dynasty (2017).

Maddison Brown Dynasty

Maddie Brown plays the role of Kirby Anders, mother of butler Joseph Anders of the Carrington family in the drama dynasty’s 2017 revival of the CW. She said she gets to work with people she really gets along with during an interview with Vogue Australia 2018. She said they love to spend time together with her cast members.

“It’s a job that I love and that I’m passionate about, but also that you get to work with people that you genuinely get along with, we socialize outside of the show, we love to spend time together. I feel really very fortunate to be on a show like that where everyone is wanting to be friends with each other and wanting to make connections.”

Maddison Brown and Hemsworth had their first public date in New York City’s West Village.

TMZ has pictures of them in West Village showing PDA and cooking in Sant Ambroeus. As seen above, they were also photographed taking the subway from New York City. When you take public transportation together, you know it’s real.

Maddison Brown and Hemsworth

How long they’ve been seeing each other at this stage is unknown. Earlier this week, a source told us Weekly that Hemsworth “hasn’t been dating anyone, [but] he’s open to meeting people.”

Brown considers Sydney her home but she is shooting Dynasty in Atlanta now.

Live in Los Angeles and New York City as well. When asked about her recent move to LA during her appearance at Yahoo Australia’s Build Series in September 2019, she clarified, “We actually shoot in Atlanta. I’m based in Atlanta. We shoot from July to April, that’s the season. When I got the show, I was in Sydney.”

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“Sydney will always be home,” she added. “It’s hard to leave every time I leave. I don’t want to.”

Maddison Brown Instagram

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