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Kiara Alleyne killed
Kiara Alleyne (IMG Source- Instagram)

Kiara Alleyne Bio

Kiara Alleyne
is a 20-year-old mother discovered dead in Anthony, Florida on September 11, 2019, prompting her daughter, Jhene, to receive an Amber Alert. Anthony is northwest of Orlando 90 miles. Deangelo Clark, the father of the baby and 30-year-old, was recognized as the suspect in Alleyne’s murder. He was taken into custody later that same day in the Florida Keys, leading to the cancelation of the Amber Alert, said in a declaration the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

Clark, 11 months old, was taken from her home, 80 miles northwest of Orlando, in Ocala, Florida. Officials from the Law Enforcement Department of Florida said the child was left with family members.

Kiara Alleyne Daughter

daughter, Jhene is 11 months old at the moment. The dad of the baby had taken her from her home, 80 miles south of Orlando, in Ocala, Florida. Officials from the Law Enforcement Department of Florida said the child was left with family members.

Alleyne published a tribute to her daughter in July 2019,

“My sweet Jhenè I love you so much, so smart, so advanced so beautiful 😍 such a beautiful beautiful soul I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you babygirl just know that Mummy and Daddy is always by your side. We love you Jhenè my 9month old baby 😭💕.”

Kiara Alleyne was murdered by her Baby Father

was discovered dead in Anthony, Florida on September 11, 2019. Speaking to the Ocala Star-Banner, a sheriff’s deputy said he spoke to Clark before the suspect was arrested. The officer said Clark told him that Alleyne threatened to leave with her dad and said she would live with her dad in New Mexico. Clark said Alleyne had been accused of seeing other people.

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Clark had written on his Facebook page before his detention:

“Now I must end my life just know she tried to kill me she walked into I’m sorry to her family.” A picture showing him with Alleyne accompanied that post.

Clark had posted a loving tribute to Alleyne in a post-dated on the same day, Wednesday, September 11th, celebrating the second anniversary of the couple. Clark wrote that it would be named if he wrote a book about their lives together.

“Life With Superwomen.” Clark said that despite the “ups and downs,” he was honored to be in a relationship with Alleyne

Clark then posted the Beyonce song’s lyrics

 “Roc.” Clark wrote the lines, “You are my rock, I love to rock with you You are my rock, you’re everything I need You are my rock, so baby rock with me.”Clark’s post gave the location as Dubai.

Another neighbour who spoke with the Star-Banner said she saw Alleyne smoking a cigarette outside in the early hours of 1:30 a.m. That neighbor informed the newspaper she heard just before she saw Alleyne.

“crying, screaming and hollering for about five minutes.”

The arrest of Deangelo Clark

Clark was detained after policemen got a call in Long Key stating there was a burglary in a home, according to the office of the Marion County Sheriff. Shortly thereafter, police came across Clark inside a car that was reportedly robbed, a Mazda CX7 sport utility vehicle. Outside of another home the vehicle was parked. It was on fire and Clark got burns. He was flown to a Miami hospital. With heavy burns. Press release from Marion County reads

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As it stands now, Detective Benedetti will serve Clark with the warrant out of Marion County and will charge him with the Long Key burglary.”

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