Who is Katie Jade Gates? | Katie Jade Gates Bio, Wiki, Age, Charged, Arrested, Her grandfather was Threatened With a Knife

Katie Jade Gates Wiki– Katie Jade Gates Biography

Katie Jade Gates
Katie Jade Gates

Katie Jade Gates Bio

Katie Jade Gates is a 19-year-old girl who, after being denied additional tomatoes during lunch, threatened her grandpa with a knife. According to the study by the department of the Nassau County Sheriff, she lives with her grandparents and grandmother.

The homeowner at the Callahan, Florida estate was recognized as the grandma of Gates, Margaret Schaedel. On September 12, 2019, as reported by the Nassau County Sheriff’s office, Gates shared with her elderly parents in Callahan, Florida.

Katie Jade Gates Charged
She confessed to the officers that with a cigarette pack she had struck her grandmother in the head. Carolyn Schraeder is 73 years old and this led to an aggravated battery felony charge on a individual over the age of 65.

Katie Jade Gates Charged

However, Gates did not acknowledge attempting to stab the knife with her grandma. She informed the officers she had in her hand only the knife. She also charged a Deadly Weapon with Aggravated Battery.

She booked to the Detention Facility of Nassau County. The following evening, she released from custody.

Katie Jade Gates Arrested

She was detained for a traffic violation a couple of weeks before the violent incident at her home. Public records on the court’s website of the Nassau County Clerk show that Gates was pulled over on August 15, 2019 for supposedly running a stop sign. She received a $151 fine.

Katie Jade Gates Arrested

Gates also faces extra fees for driving with a suspended license and failure to have liability insurance for motor vehicles. All these fees are pending at the moment.

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Some Known Facts About Katie Jade Gates

  • Witnesses Said Katie Jade Gates Threw a Fit & Became Violent After She Was Denied Extra Tomatoes
  • Gates Is Charged With Two Felonies & Admitted to Picking Up the Knife
  • Gates Was Ordered to Stay Away From Two Of Her Relatives
  • Gates Does Not Appear to Be Employed
  • Katie Jade Gates Was Arrested in August For Driving Violations

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