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Jose Jose

Jose Jose Bio

According to news reports from Mexican journalists, Jose Jose was an iconic Mexican singer and songwriter popularly known as El príncipe de la Canción (Prince of Songs), reported dead. Jose died on September 28, 2019 at the age of 71 at a hospital in South Florida.

Jose Jose Age

Jose Jose was 71 years old.

Jose Jose Marriages, Families And Childrens

Jose was three times married. Since 1995, his first marriage has been to Sara Salazar. He was earlier married to Anel (Noreña) who was a television presenter, actress and model in 1970, but they divided in the same year and he married Kikis Herrera Calles, a socialite who was twenty years old. He separated from Herrera and soon after returned to Anel. In 1975 he divorced Herrera and in 1976 he married Anel. They had two kids: first-born Jose Francisco (known as Jose Joel), born in 1975, and daughter Marysol Estrella, born in 1982.

Jose said he experienced a severe private crisis between 1985 and 1987, according to a magazine interview, because his life “was spent on aircraft, tour buses, and locked in a hotel room.”In 1991, he married Anel.

Several years before Anel’s brother, Manuel Noreña, completed his relationship with his manager. He married his third wife, Sara “Sarita” Salazar, in 1995. His third baby Sara was born during a Latin American tour that same year. He and his wife resided in Miami, Florida.

Jose Jose Music Career

Jose began his attempts at becoming a singer in his early teens. With serenades he began his career. He later co-founded Los PEG, a bossa nova and jazz band where he sang and performed guitar and double bass.

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The band performed at the major jazz venues in Mexico City where musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Erroll Garner, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and João Gilberto played.

Throughout his career he liked phenomenal achievement. He had “20 Hot Latin Songs hits, four reached No. 1 and 15 songs on the Top Latin Albums chart,” according to Billboard, and in the United States he sold more than 1.8 million albums.

He had accomplished “global notoriety in 1971 with his interpretation of’ El Triste’ by Roberto Cantoral at the OTI Festival.” The Los Angeles Times once called him one of the “most beloved figures in Mexican pop.” At only 15 years of age he began his career but created more than 30 albums and starred in movies like Gavilán o Paloma and Perdóname Todo. His music struck universal topics, ranging from love to solitude to “his weakness for all females,” according to the Times.

In 1995, he told the Los Angeles Times.

“Before going onstage you can always feel the adrenaline pouring through your veins,” 

His father, José Sosa Esquivel, was an operatic tenor (tenor compimario) and a classical pianist was his mother, Margarita Ortiz. When José showed interest in singing, they attempted to deter him by claiming that success in show business was too hard. His mom gave him his first piano at the age of fifteen in 1963. His allegedly alcoholic father left the family at that time forcing José to work to assist his mother and younger brother.

His family was in music in Mexico City and, according to a biography on PeoplePill.com, he started singing and playing guitar in his early adolescence. He concentrated on serenades.

“He was raised into a Roman Catholic family of gifted musicians,” 

About Jose Jose Alcoholism

He said his addiction was because he “was frail, weak, innocent, ignorant, weak-willed and couldn’t say no.” In the early 1970s, after “El Triste”‘s achievement, he dropped into alcoholism but managed to stop drinking for a while with the assistance of his friends and family. During the 1970s and 1980s, his continuing fight against alcoholism persisted. He attended AA meetings and for a while stopped drinking, but continuously fell into addiction. He reached his lowest point after his divorce from Anel in 1991, claiming he wanted to die drinking. He decided to go to rehabilitation with the assistance of his friends, family, and fellow artists. He went to Minnesota’s Hazelden clinic for rehabilitation and remained a sober alcoholic recoverer.

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Jose Jose Battle With Cancer

The Mexican singer / songwriter verified his cancer diagnosis in the form of a video on social media, according to Billboard.

When he was 69 years old, this was back in 2017 and was hospitalized. “I want to be the one to tell you guys what’s going on in my life and career like I’ve been doing my whole life,” Billboard tells in the video, adding that he explained physicians discovered a pancreatic tumor after he began to lose weight.

However, he failed in 2018 when he was rushed by private jet to a Florida hospital. At the moment, Jose Jose was defined by The Miami Herald as being in “very sensitive health,” weighing less than 100 pounds.

Doctors still expressed hope at that moment. “He started rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, and was responding very well,” according to the Herald, a doctor said in 2018. “The tumor was removed.”

Jose Jose Cause Of Death

Jose died on September 28, 2019 at a hospital in South Florida. Despite not immediately releasing the cause of death, the singer had a well-publicized cancer fight. “Today, September 28, Saturday, José José died in Miami Flo at the age of 71. Confirmed by Laura Nuñez, his assistant, “posted on Twitter Televisa Especáculos. Many other sites have been following suit. Tributes started flooding into social media.

Fans of legendary Mexican singer #JOSEJOSE are dropping off flowers and candles at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 71-year-old died of cancer today. We have reaction from fans tonight at 10pm @KTLA pic.twitter.com/gVDTEzLCIR

— Carlos Saucedo (@Carlos_Saucedo) September 29, 2019

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