Who is Jorge Carmond Homicide Killer (Texas Teenager) Jorge Carmond Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Charge | Unknown Facts You Need to know

Jorge Carmond Biography– Jorge Carmond Wiki

Jorge Carmond  Bio
Jorge Carmond  Bio

Jorge Carmond  Bio

Jorge Carmond is a 17-year-old Texas Teenager who accused neighbors John and Melinda Smith of double homicide in 2018.

Jorge is in the news again as a false story about social media claiming to have gone viral.

Investigators soon found that Carmond was living from the Smiths across the street. After talking to Carmond’s mother, investigators learned that just a few hours before the murders she had kicked him out of the house.

There was no reason why she told him to leave the house, but she agreed to let investigators search her home. According to the San Antonio Express-News incident report.

Here’s the mugshot of 17-year-old Jorge Carmond, charged with capital murder. He’s accused of stabbing his neighbors to death Thursday morning in Southeast Bexar County. Victims were 61-year-old John Smith and 59-year-old Melinda Smith. pic.twitter.com/PvYe1urJwr

— Robert Price (@RobertPriceTV) April 29, 2018

Jorge Carmond Age

Jorge Carmond is 17 year old Teen Boy

Jorge Carmond Lates Police Report Charge (Homicide)

Jorge, 17, approached John Smith on April 26, 2018 as he was on his manner to work. Smith said he was instructed by Carmond to get out of the car and then stabbed him. After hearing an argument from outside, a neighbor called the police. She also heard a single gunshot in the middle of the call.

According to a newly released police report, a teen accused of fatally stabbing his neighbors in April was booted from his Texas home a few hours before the double killing.

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When police arrived at Lost Hills Drive’s 4400 block in Elmendorf, they found John Smith on the front porch, bleeding abundantly from various stab injuries

The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office is identifying he victims as 61-year old John Smith and 59-year old Melinda Smith.
Investigators say they both died from multiple stab wounds. https://t.co/jY5MnbZr2e

— Zack Hedrick (@zhedrickTV) April 27, 2018

John Smith Statement To Police Investigation Mr. Smith Murder
He Told To the Police,

Smith was able to provide the officers with a description of the suspect as he was dying and informed them that his neighbor had committed the crime.

Deputies responded to the area for the first time after a call to the Smith residence for an argument and a reported gunshot. In the home, Mrs. Smith was found dead. Mr. Smith was critically wounded on the porch as he was rushed to a clinic and pronounced dead.

He also shared for unspecified reasons that his daughter had been running away from home lately. Smith was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center by paramedics where he later died from his wounds.

In response to Officer L. Castellano’s Offense Report, a News website revealed what happened: I asked John Smith again what happened, Castellano writes. John said he was going to work and the street neighbor came to his vehicle and told him to get out of the vehicle.

John said he was exiting his car, and he was stabbed by Carmond. John also said lately that his daughter had run away. I asked John why he’d been stabbed by Carmond. John told me that he didn’t know why he had been stabbed.

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They found Melinda Smith, 59, on the couch with multiple stab wounds when officers entered the Smith’s home. She was on the scene pronounced dead. One of the dogs of the couples was stabbed in the eye as well.

Smith was taken to a hospital after giving authorities a description of Carmond, where he later died. At the scene, his wife was pronounced dead, stabbed in the living room on a couch to death. According to the study, one of the dogs of the couple was also stabbed in the eye, which suggests that Carmond admitted to the murders.

Unknown Facts You Need to know About Jorge Carmond

Jorge Carmond is Fake Name

Carmond said his real name was “George Bravo” to reporters and that he lived on the same block as the victims. Reportedly, Jorge Carmond refused to appear on camera, insisting only on recording his voice, not long after the Smiths were discovered to be brutally stabbed to death.

Jorge Carmond Arrested And Charged

Carmond remains held at the Bexar County Jail on $500,000 bail, charged with the death of multiple people. If convicted, since he was 17 at the moment of the supposed murders, he could face life in prison or death penalty.

After his arrest, Jorge confessed to the right of the crime. The police also found bags belonging to Jorge Carmond in the open trunk of John Smith’s car.

The teenager claimed that the bags were in the vehicle as Smith had offered a downtown ride to Carmond. A Smith’s home search also discovered proof connecting Carmond with the killings.

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Three days after the killings, a government memorial was held. John Smith was one of the most kind, soft-speaking males you’d ever encountered.

They would have given the shirt to anyone in need, “one neighbor reminded KENS 5, adding,” Knowing they’re with God is the only thing that brings me any peace.

NEW TONIGHT: a neighborhood pays their respect to John and Melinda Smith. The couple was brutally murdered at their home yesterday morning. The suspect is in custody, only 17-years-old. pic.twitter.com/WaQ38jTgXN

— David Caltabiano (@DavidCaltabiano) April 28, 2018

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