Who Is Brian Monet (Wife of Ulrika Jonsson) | Brian Monet Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Divorce

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Brian Monet And Ulrika Jonsson
Brian Monet And Ulrika Jonsson

Brian Monet Bio

Brian Monet is an American advertising director and Ulrika Jonsson’s third Wife, a Swedish media personality known for presenting the weather program TV-am, the sports entertainment game showing Gladiators, and as the comedy panel captain showing Shooting Stars. Since then, the pair have divided.

Brian Monet Age

Brian is 50 years old.

Ulrika Jonsson Husband– Brian Monet Wife

In March 2008, Brian Monet was married to Ulrika Jonsson. Ulrika was married twice before. Her first marriage was with John Turnbull who, after five years, finished in 1995. Together they had one kid, a son known as Cameron. In 2003, after meeting on reality television demonstrate Mr. Right, she married Lance Gerrard-Wright but they divided in 2005. Together they had a daughter, Martha. Ulrika has a fourth child, a daughter named Bo, born in 2000 from a prior relationship with Markus Kempen, the German hotel manager.

Brian Monet Children

Brian has one child together with his alienated wife Ulrika, Malcolm was born in 2008.

Brian Monet and Ulrika Jonsson Partition

In April 2019, the couple divided. Ulrika wrote a frank article in the Daily Mail in September 2019, she said she was thinking about having an affair when she was preparing to celebrate her 50th birthday as her marriage turned sexless.

“It was a fleeting notion, born out of deep hurt and frustration over the fact that Brian and I had made love just once in nearly eight years. But one shocking enough to make me realize just how wretched my sexless marriage was making me feel.”

She wrote that she had no affair, but the absence of sex was too much to bear, and only months later their marriage came to an end.

“We never made love again, which is something that remains incredibly perplexing to me, not least because I’ve never got to the bottom of why. Sadly, our marriage irretrievably broke down six months later, ending in divorce this summer.”

However, she made it clear that she did not really want an affair as much as she just wanted to do something to make her former spouse pay more attention to her.

“Infidelity was an act I knew full well I would never actually embark on, let alone seek Brian’s permission to pursue. Indeed, it only occurred to me to ask in the first place because I’d reached a point where shock tactics seemed the only way to get my husband’s attention — the only way to force him to realize just how miserable I’d become while communicating the urgency of our situation. I knew damn well I didn’t want to be with anyone else; that I revered the family we’d built together too much to betray it. But I also couldn’t reconcile myself to never being touched or made love to again.”

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