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Bamboo Mañalac Wiki– Bamboo Mañalac Biography

Bamboo Mañalac
Bamboo Mañalac

Bamboo Mañalac Bio

Bamboo Mañalac was a musician and singer-songwriter from the Philippines. He was born in Quezon City, Philippines on March 21, 1975.

He was born to parents from the Philippines. When he was ten years old, the family of Mañalac immigrated to San Francisco, California and spent the rest of his childhood there.

Mañalac named after a mixture of the names of his grandfathers and his hometown coincidentally. When he was still a child, his mom gave him the nickname “Bamboo.”

Bamboo Mañalac Wife And Children

Bamboo Mañalac is married and Cecil Mañalac is his wife’s name. Lucius Mañalac and Isabelle Mañalac have two kids in the pair.

Bamboo Mañalac Career

Mañalac began his career as Rivermaya’s vocalist and original frontman and later headed his group, Bamboo. The Bamboo band broke up in 2011, pursuing a solo career and releasing his first solo album, No Water, No Moon.

Mañalac published his debut album, No Water, No Moon, under the PolyEast Records label in November 2011. The collection comprises of 12 tracks as their carrier single with “Questions.”

After selling more than 7,500 copies, the album achieved a gold record in February 2013.

Mañalac entered ASAP as a major cast and performer in the series in January 2012.

During the airtime of the pre-primetime television drama Kahit Konting Pagtingin, ABS-CBN aired a promotional plug, confirming Bamboo Mañalac’s stance as trainer and judge in The Voice of the Philippines.

Mañalac gave a declaration in an interview with ABS-CBN News about his stint on the show

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“I’m ready to be a coach. There’s a time for everything, and this is it.”

Together with Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo and Lea Salonga returned from 2014 to present as trainers for The Voice Kids Philippines.

Four years after his first album was published, Bamboo published his second solo album, Bless this Mess, in October 2015. Grand Street Recording Studio, Brooklyn, New York recorded the 10-track album.

Is Bamboo Mañalac Dead or Alive?

On November 27, an article entitled “Bamboo Mañalac shot dead in a car crash in Quezon” was posted on the website. Along with the headline, a video can only be viewed once you share it!

It seems to be fake, and to get opinions and shares on their website, they are doing it. So many times this day such in-humanitarian activities are being practiced, and it’s a shame.

It’s hideous to create hoax about the death of a living person, let alone the fact that they’re just doing it for opinions. We ask you not to share the video for all Bamboo’s supporters and not to boost the perspective of that site as it only motivates them to do stuff like that in the future.

At the moment, however, we couldn’t reach out to Bamboo, can confirm he wasn’t in any accidents.

Bamboo Mañalac Instagram

A post shared by Bamboo Manalac (@bamboomuzaklive) on

A post shared by Bamboo Manalac (@bamboomuzaklive) on

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