Who is Alison MacKenzie? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Family, Boyfriend, Twitter

Who is Alison MacKenzie? Bio,  Wiki, Age, Missing, Family, Boyfriend, Twitter

Alison MacKenzie Bio

Alison MacKenzie is from Prescott, Arizona. In Belize she’s been missing. Since 1988 she has lived in Prescott, Arizona. Her daughter Madelyn also lives in Prescott.

Police are investigating and police are asking for help from the public to look for the mother of two children from Arizona.

Alison MacKenzie Bio

She is 43 years old.

Alison MacKenzie Missing

MacKenzie was last seen on a Friday night tour taken with Ragamuffin Tours. She vanished from her tent early saturday morning. She and her boyfriend Paige Rote, 58, camped at Rendezvous Caye, a small island. He reported her missing at 6 a.m. Saturday morning to authorities in Belize.

The Daily Courier reports that when she vanished on 18 January, Alison was on a catamaran tour off Belize’s coast. Her mother, Cherie MacKenzie, said she thought her daughter had sunk into the ocean and vanished to the Daily Courier. She also said the U.S. Embassy is helping to find her daughter.

Alison’s sister, Jodie Dixon, told Channel 5 Belize they spoke to Alison’s husband, and he was still in Belize as of 21 January 2020. He and her mother do not believe Alison’s disappearance affects him. She described him as “distraught.” Alison’s family told Channel 5 Belize that after her father and step-father died last year, Alison came to Belize for a vacation. She was planning the holidays to “take a break and try to find peace.”

Alison MacKenzie’s Boyfriend

The boyfriend’s name to Alison is Paige Rote. Channel 5 Belize states that the boyfriend of Alison, Paige Rote, is not a suspect in the disappearance of Alison. After a catamaran tour they took with Ragamuffin Tours, the couple stayed in a tent on Rendezvous Caye… Rote, 58, reported to Belize authorities that he was awakening at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning. To find his missing girlfriend.

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Alison MacKenzie Children

MacKenzie is the mother of two grown children. Her daughter, Madelyn MacKenzie, on Facebook
This doesn’t even feel real. Please send your love, prayers, whatever you believe in my mom. She has to come home. Please.

Alison MacKenzie Police Investigation

Channel 5 Belize says the police told the media that Alison was drinking on Friday night, the night before she went missing. Tour officials said that her behavior was “erratic.” Lieutenant Roque Canul, Belize Coast Guard Operations Officer, told Channel 5 Belize that Friday night she started acting suspiciously.

Cherie says that she has received different reports about what happened the morning when her daughter disappeared, and that the authorities are not making progress in their search efforts. She says she’s trying to find the other passengers on the tour, but she doesn’t know where they’re located. She says she’s afraid that her daughter may no longer be alive.

Alison’s sister, Jodie Dixon, told 7 News Belize that Alison’s drinking was not normal and that she had never seen her intoxicated. She says a woman named Charlie, who was on the same tour as Alison, told her by telephone that Raggamuffin Tours ‘ captain was the last person to see her sister before her disappearance, and he walked her back to her tent at around 2:30 a.m.

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