Wang Xiangjun (Glacier Bro) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Body Found, Slipped And Fell Into Icy Glacier [Viral Video]

Who is Wang Xiangjun (Glacier Bro)? Wang Xiangjun (Glacier Bro) Bio/Wiki

Glacier Bro was Wang Xiangjun’s online moniker as an influencer. He was a Chinese environmentalist who was filming a video when he plunged into the frozen waters of the Tibetan glacier. Wang had reportedly quit his job as a factory worker in order to move around China.

The body of Wang Xiangjun, the famous Chinese adventurer who has been missing since December, was discovered downstream of a glacier waterfall, according to local authorities in Tibet.


He was 30 years old.


According to the Morning Post, he decided to chart the effects of climate change on glaciers. On the Chinese versions of TikTok, the apps Douyin and Kuaishou, he had nearly 6 million followers.

Wang, who grew up in a rural farming community in China, began photographing glaciers in 2013 and has since photographed over 70 different glaciers. Wang had also recently talked about melting glaciers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Slipped And Fell Into Icy Glacier [Viral Video]

In the clip, Wang’s friends run to the edge of the cliff after he slides off a glacier and faces certain death.

They are, however, too late to save their 30-year-old friend, and they are eventually unable to effectively pull him up. Wang’s friends were chastised on social media for failing to save him.

Wang’s down jacket was thick enough to have dragged them all into the swift-flowing water, according to local outlet Apple Daily. The rest of them, however, were able to reach the solid ground without Wang.

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Rescuers said it was “almost unlikely” for the influencer to survive at the time of the crash, and Wang was presumed dead.

Body Found Full Details

Wang’s brother logged into one of his social media accounts after he was presumed dead and posted: “My brother is staying in his favorite waterfall. I hope you won’t go there and make a fuss, please respect the dead. He has been obsessed with glaciers all his life and dedicated his life to it. That’s his best place to be.”

Wang’s body was finally discovered, according to local police, who issued a statement on WeChat. On Sunday, March 14, it was revealed that a body had been identified. They said, “After initial investigations, the body seems to be that of missing person Wang Xiangjun. We are in the process of further identifying the body according to legal procedures,”

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