Who is Vivian Flores? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Catfishing And Faking Her Disappearance Full Details

Vivian Flores Bio/Wiki

Vivian Flores, a Laker’s podcaster who suddenly “went missing” on Monday, was discovered within hours of her alleged disappearance. Josh Toussaint, her worried podcast co-host who had first tweeted for help in finding her, took a deep breath and announced that she was “safe and alive.”

He first sparked concern with a tweet that read: “Hey Lakers family, – Vivian Flores (@Butterfly_424) is missing – 5’5” – May or may not be wearing a wig bc she’s going through leukemia treatment – From Santa Monica – DM me if you have a lead or may see her – Love you all and stay safe.”

A series of theories followed, all implying that she was a catfish. A few social media users speculated that Vivian’s Twitter account was run by a man, while others pointed out that her voice doesn’t match her face.

Many people on social media said that her images were poor photoshops of Lakers games.


Her age is unknown.

Catfishing And Faking Her Disappearance Full Details

Josh Toussaint tweeted a few days ago, seeking help in locating Laker’s podcaster Vivian Flores, who had gone missing. Since she was undergoing cancer treatments, people were really worried.

Many well-known celebrities (such as O’Shea Jackson) and reputable websites contributed to the search for her.

Everyone was worried about her safety because a young woman going missing, particularly one who is battling cancer, is a cause for concern. Shortly after the news of Vivian’s safe return, Kevin Durant and others were discussing catfishing on Twitter when they mentioned a man named Big Kingz who claimed to have been catfished by Vivian.

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Mr. Kingz took to Twitter to clarify the tale of how he had been duped. The internet investigators searched a little deeper and discovered that many of Vivian’s pictures were poor photoshops from locations she wasn’t, such as Lakers games.

They also noticed that she seemed to have several faces photoshopped into images and that when comparing three different photos, she seemed to be three different people.

Vivian resurfaced on Twitter at this time to defend herself and deny being a catfish.

Several social media users say that this might reveal a catfishing network that has been operating for over a decade.

What’s strange is how celebrities like Kevin Durant and O’Shea Jackson talked about it as well. Furthermore, Flores does not seem to be letting go of the situation and has been defending herself by pretending to be genuine.

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