Who was Vitaly Shishov? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Dead, Death Cause

Vitaly Shishov Bio/Wiki

According to police, Vitaly Shishov the director of a Kyiv-based non-profit organization that assists Belarusians fleeing persecution was found dead in a park in the Ukrainian capital, sparking suspicions that he was assassinated.

Vitaly Shishov, the head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine (BDU), was reported missing on Monday by his spouse after he failed to return from a run and could not be reached on his cellphone.

Photo: Vitaly Shishov

Belarusian activist Vitaly Shishov. Following the 2020–2021 Belarusian protests, he was the head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, an organization that helps people flee violence in Belarus.


Real Name Vitaly Shishov
Nickname Shishov
Birthdate 1995
Age 26 Years Old
Birthplace Belarus, Europe
Death Date3 August 2021
Nationality Belarusian
Relationship StatusNot Know
WifeNot Know


He was 26 years old.

Vitaly Shishov Found Dead

Vitaly went missing from his home in Kyiv and was discovered dead in a park near his home, hanging from a tree.

Vitaly was reported missing in Kyiv on the 2nd of August 2021 by his partner after going for a run. He was discovered hanging in a forested part of a park near his home the next day.

Ukrainian police launched a murder investigation to see if he was murdered and his death was staged to appear as a suicide. His body was discovered with abrasions and peeled skin in various locations, according to the chief of Ukrainian police.

Mr. Shishov helped organize a gathering in Kyiv to commemorate Belarus’s 31st anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union, which was a week before his death.

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Police said in a statement, “Belarusian citizen Vitaly Shishov, who had gone missing in Kyiv yesterday, was today found hanged in one of the Kyiv parks, not far from where he lived,”

Police said they’d begun a murder inquiry and will follow up on all avenues, including a possible suicide disguised as a murder.

Who Killed Vitaly Shishov?

Friends and colleagues believe Shishov was targeted because of his opposition to Alexander Lukashenko’s administration, which has cracked down on the opposition in Belarus and began a global hunt for notable opponents.

BDU wrote in a statement.“There is no doubt that this was a planned operation by the [security services] to liquidate a Belarusian dangerous to the regime,”

“We will continue to seek the truth in Vitaly’s death!”

The Belarusian Democratic Union (BDU) has called for a rally outside the Belarusian embassy on Tuesday evening.

According to the human rights organization Viasna, Shishov had recently complained about being followed by strangers while jogging.

BDU added, “Vitaly was being followed,”

After protests against Lukashenko over disputed presidential elections erupted last year, Shishov departed Belarus.

Thousands of protestors have been jailed, while Lukashenko’s main opponents have been imprisoned or fled. Many people claimed that their jail guards tortured them.

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