Who is Sam Johnson? Bio, Wiki, Age, VisuWell CEO Harassing A Teen Boy, Viral Video

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Sam Johnson, the CEO of VisuWell, is accused of harassing a teen boy in Tennessee in April 2021 who wore a dress to his prom.

The video of the business leader’s incident went viral on TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. The video was taken at a hotel before the Franklin High School prom on Saturday, April 24 by the boy’s boyfriend. Johnson has vehemently denied any wrongdoing on his part.

Sam Johnson, 46, is the CEO of VisuWell, a modern consumer-friendly platform for virtual care delivery,’ according to the company’s website. Johnson served as the CEO of WeCounsel and the Founder and CEO of Relating, a patient outreach, and messaging network, for five years prior to launching VisuWell in August 2017.

University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio recently selected VisuWell as their telemedicine partner.

Sam Johnson, according to his LinkedIn profile, has nearly 25 years of experience in healthcare technology, including leadership positions at various companies. He was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee.


He is 46 years old.

VisuWell CEO Sam Johnson Harassing A Teen Boy Full Details

The mothers of the students there chastised him and told him to ‘calm down’ after he threatened the teenager on April 24. He was later ejected from the hotel due to his aggressive actions.

Johnson removed his Twitter account after the video went viral. However, netizens continue to press for his removal from the CEO role at his company. Following the backlash, VisuWell seems to have taken down the ‘Meet Our CEO’ page from their website.

Jacob Geittmann, the boyfriend, first shared the video on TikTok and then on Twitter. Dalton Stevens, he said, was the one who wore the dress, “for his senior prom to kind of break the stigma around men wearing dresses. He looked gorgeous, everybody loved it and nobody had a problem with it.”

He added, “We went to this hotel close to where we live and we got a lot of good photos and we were there for about an hour and right as we were about to leave we standing outside in this little middle area with a bunch of buildings surrounding us. This man comes up and he’s about an inch away from my boyfriend and he says, ‘What are you wearing?’ And he’s like, ‘A dress, why?’ And he’s like, ‘Why are you wearing that? You shouldn’t be wearing that.’”

Geitmann said his boyfriend replied, “because I can and I want to.” According to Geitmann, Johnson then started “going on and on” and was “throwing insults at him … ‘You look disgusting, you look ridiculous, you look like an idiot. Men shouldn’t be wearing this.’ All this homophobic banter.”

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