Who is Victor Zamora? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Victor Zamora Bio/Wiki

Officials claimed a Mesa private school director named Victor Zamora was arrested after he allegedly admitted to having repeated se*ual relations with a youngster. Victor Zamora was charged with multiple counts of sexual contact with a minor on July 22.

According to court filings, Victor Zamora, a Legacy International Academy employee, engaged in many s*x acts with a teenage boy in April and May of this year. In April of this year, the youngster was 16 years old, and in May, he was 17 years old.


He is 40 years old.

Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With A Minor Full Details

According to court filings, Zamora reportedly participated in se*ual acts with a boy in Zamora’s blue minivan in a Chandler parking lot in April 2019.

Officials allege that in May 2019, Zamora picked up the kid from his home, drove him to his personal office in Mesa, and engaged in se*ual activity with him.

The youngster apparently addressed Zamora about what he allegedly did to him in text exchanges obtained by officials between the boy and Zamora from September 2019, and claimed he would press charges.

According to records, Zamora allegedly apologized and stated that he didn’t mean to harm him.

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Officials say Zamora confessed to se*ual conduct with the youngster during a taped call on July 19. Three days later, Zamora was apprehended. Zamora allegedly admitted to having se*ual relations with two other young men from Legacy Academy, according to officials.

According to court filings, Zamora was in the United States unlawfully on a visa that expired in 2019.

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