Vanjae Ramgeet (Skylar Mack’s Boyfriend) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Jailed For Breaking Quarantine Details

Who is Vanjae Ramgeet? Vanjae Ramgeet Bio/Wiki

Skylar Mack and her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, who was convicted of quarantine violation last week, begged forgiveness for putting people at risk. Last month, when she took off her iMsafe wristband just days after arriving here to attend the Jet Ski event in which Ramgeet was a participant, Mack broke the COVID-19 isolation rules with Ramgeet’s help. But despite their appeals, forgiveness will come sometime after their sentences have been appealed by the government.

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The pair are now scheduled to appear in court today at lunchtime for an appeal against their sentence, which was seen as unduly light by the authorities.

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Who is Skylar Mack?

Skylar Mack is an American teen and student at Mercer University in Georgia who, authorities in the Caribbean nation say, was sentenced to four months in prison for violating the COVID-19 quarantine in the Cayman Islands to watch her boyfriend compete in a professional jet ski competition.

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He is 24 years old.

Jailed For Breaking Quarantine

According to the Cayman News Service, on November 29, just two days after landing on the island, Mack, who is the daughter of pro jet ski racer Dennis Mack, violated a 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. After slipping off a wristband that monitored her location, she spent seven hours with members of the public, the journal says.

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Last week they were both ordered to complete 40 hours of community service and pay $2,600 each for the expense of placing them in isolation after they pleaded guilty to failing to comply with isolation regulations. Mack was busted at the case and both were taken to a safe government facility to wait out the rest of the quarantine by Ramgeet, who had supported her.

The court also recommended that Mack, who is scheduled to depart the Cayman Islands on 22 December, be banned from returning here until the quarantine restrictions have been lifted.

But lawmakers have recently raised the overall fine for COVID-19 quarantine violations from $1,000 to $10,000 under the Public Health Statute, as well as prison time of up to two years, and have emphasized the need to prosecute violators to the full extent to send a strong message of deterrence. Last week, Manderson told Parliament that the prosecutors’ office had been asked to appeal the penalty for community service.

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  1. Uh, don’t disobey the law. Stop being a self centered s head who cares little for society and for laws.
    She just wants to come home. She will. AFTER she serves her sentence.
    Also, VERY VERY POOR parenting. What kind of parent allows an 18 year old daughter to travel to another country so she can have sex with some 24 year old guy? WTF is going on with that?

    • Cayman Islands have seen very little disease from coronavirus, and with laws like this I bet they keep it that way! Think of all the hotel money she’s saving by staying in jail, I bet that more than pays for her fine. You would think a pre-med major would understand the need for quarantine. As far as getting Ramgeeted all the way to the Cayman Islands and back- hopefully her knowledge of birth control exceeds her knowledge of infection control.


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