Who is Tyler East? Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Shot And Killed Full Details

Tyler East Bio/Wiki

Tyler East, a talented but troubled wrestler and MMA fighter, was shot and killed in his hometown of Los Lunas on Monday, April 5, police said.

The former MMA fighter was discovered dead in his home about 25 miles south of Albuquerque, according to a statement issued by the New Mexico State Police on Tuesday, April 6.

According to the release, the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence call and discovered a woman and a man, later identified as East, with gunshot wounds.


He was 30 years old.


East is the younger brother of Cody East, a former UFC fighter. Tyler trained at JacksonWink MMA in Albuquerque and fought 21 times as a professional MMA fighter between 2009 and 2016. He made his pro debut at Bellator 3, knocking out Amedeo Viola in the first round.

Over the years, East has fought for a variety of organizations, including KOTC. In October 2016, he fought for the last time at Legacy FC 60, where he was knocked out in the first round by Brian Heden.

Shot And Killed Full Details

East shot his girlfriend and then dragged her out of the house during a domestic dispute, according to the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau. At the house, he was allegedly shot by another man.

According to police, East was pronounced dead at the scene. As of April 6, 2021, his girlfriend had been admitted to an Albuquerque hospital and was in a safe state. The man who allegedly shot East fled the scene, according to police.

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East has had many run-ins with the law over the last 12 years including suspected domestic abuse cases. East was charged with assaulting a fellow Belen High School student in a gym class in 2009. He pleaded no contest to aggravated assault in the third degree and received three-year probation, which he later violated when he used a false ID.

East was arrested for domestic abuse again in 2012 after his ex-girlfriend said he attacked her while on a “cocaine binge.” Kidnapping, aggravated burglary, aggravated battery, and bribery of a witness were among the charges levied against East.

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