Tse Chi Lop (Drug Lord) Biography: Wiki, Age, Arrested, Alleged Kingpin Full Details

Who is Tse Chi Lop? Tse Chi Lop Bio/Wiki

Tse Chi Lop is the suspected kingpin behind the international crime super syndicate based in Asia-Pacific, Sam Gor, often referred to as “The Company” and the Big Circle Gang, a former member of the triad crime group based in Hong Kong, Toronto, and Vancouver. Tse Chi Lap, Brother No. 3, Sam Gor, T1, Ah Lap, Dennis, and Xie Zii are among the aliases used by Tse. “T1″(top target). He was born in 1963 in Guangzhou, China.

In 2019, a Reuters article reported that Tse was a “Canadian national” but did not specify the place of his residence; he held a Canadian passport as of June 2020.

He was part of the Big Circle Boys in Toronto, a branch of the Big Circle Gang that was originally founded during the 1960’s Cultural Revolution in China by imprisoned members of Mao’s Red Guard.


He is 56 years old.

Arrested Full Details

During a stopover in the Netherlands on 22 January 2021, Tse was arrested en route to Canada. The Federal Australian Police (AFP) is attempting to extradite him to face trial.

The arrest was the culmination of the AFP-led Operation Kungur, assisted by about 20 law enforcement agencies in Canada, China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, and the United States (including the DEA). The Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau of Taiwan supported.

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Every year, the Sam Gor syndicate produces billions of dollars from the methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs trade. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported that Sam Gor had “expanded at least fourfold in the past five years” in 2018 to raise between $8 billion and $17.7 billion in meth sales.

Some leading authorities believed that Tse was a bigger player in the global drug trade than Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the Mexican drug lord, and probably even Pablo Escobar, the Colombian cartel leader.

Sam Gor is said to be primarily responsible in East and Southeast Asia for the drastic change in recent years away from narcotics such as heroin and towards synthetics such as methamphetamine, ketamine, and fentanyl. According to a June 2020 news article, its production operations in Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos “protected by private militias”

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