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Tony Lewis, the guitarist, and bassist for The Outfield, an English rock band, died at the age of 62.

Tony Lewis was a singer-songwriter/musician from England. He was a member of the Outfield band, known for their ‘Your Love‘ hit single. Lewis continued to work as a solo artist after a long career with The Outfield. He released his first solo album, Out of the Black, on Madison Records in the spring of 2018. He was born on 21 December 1957 in London, England.


He was 62 years old.


In his life, music acted as a bright spot and his passion for music began early. In Lewis’ house, the radio was always on, and his first influences were the 1960s classics. Lewis encountered the Beatles for the first time at age 9, and he was immediately hooked by the British rock band. He later became a massive fan of T.Rex from the 1970s, Rex, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and other glam rock bands.

When John Spinks bumped into him again, Lewis was performing at gigs around London. He was encouraged to bring the band back together again, and he heard Lewis singing. They joined Alan again, and this time they formed a band called the Baseball Boys. The band toured the United Kingdom, honing the sound of power pop that had become their trademark.

“The band got a reputation for playing” American-sounding “music after touring for a while and tightening up their sound. The band got a break when they signed with an American management company after doing demos at a small recording studio, Scarf Studios.

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A name change, to “The Outfield” was proposed by the new boss and helped them sign a record contract. The Outfield released their first record, Play Deep, in 1985.

Lewis and Carol collaborated on a new body of work that, while letting Lewis’ own style come through, takes on the spirit of the Outfield. In October 2017, Lewis was introduced to Tanner Hendon and signed to Hendon’s record label Madison Records with the assistance and help of Randy Sadd of Protocol Entertainment (who was a radio promoter for Outfield 2004-2011).

A new album, Out of the Darkness, was soon released and featured Into the Sun, the debut single. On the Billboard charts, the single made an entry. Lewis plays all the instruments on the new album, as well as producing and recording it all on his own.

Death Cause

Lewis died, aged 62, at his home near London on 19 October 2020. According to publicist Bari Lieberman’s tweet, he died “suddenly and unexpectedly”.

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