Tony Hsieh (Dies At 46) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Tony Hsieh? Tony Hsieh Bio/Wiki

Tony Hsieh was a venture capitalist and American Internet entrepreneur. In August 2020, after 21 years, he retired as the CEO of the online shoe and apparel company Zappos. He was born on December 12, 1973, in Illinois, US.

Prior to joining Zappos, Hsieh co-founded the LinkExchange Internet advertisement network, which he sold for $265 million to Microsoft in 1998.

Tony Hsieh died at the age of 46 on November 27, 2020. At the moment, the cause of death has not been published.


He was 46 years old.


The concept for an advertisement network called LinkExchange began to be created by Hsieh in 1996. Members were able to advertise their website over the network of LinkExchange by showing banner advertisements on their website.

In March 1996, with Hsieh as CEO, they launched and found their first 30 customers via direct email webmasters. The site expanded, and LinkExchange had more than 20,000 participating web pages within 90 days and had its banner advertisements displayed more than 10 million times.

The platform had over 400,000 users by 1998 and 5 million advertisements rotated daily. In November 1998, for $265 million, LinkExchange was sold to Microsoft.

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Hsieh, who still operates the company located in downtown Las Vegas, has been planning a massive redevelopment and revitalization project for downtown Las Vegas since 2009, which has been mostly left behind due to the growth of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Downtown Project was initially planned by Hsieh as a place where employees of can live and work, but the project has evolved beyond that to a vision where thousands of local technology and other entrepreneurs can live and work. Supported ventures include The Writer’s Block, Las Vegas’ first independent bookseller.

Death Cause

Tony Hsieh, Zappos‘ former chief executive who poured a fortune into downtown Las Vegas and became the face of its revitalization, passed away on Friday.

In a text message to friends, Hsieh’s family announced his death tonight, mentioning that Tony’s benevolent spirit touched countless people’s lives and that he left an indelible mark on the world.

No other information has been released concerning his death.

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