Todd Nance Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Wife, Death Cause

Who is Todd Nance? Todd Nance Biography

Todd Nance was a musician in the US. He was born on November 20, 1962, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. He was best known as Widespread Panic’s original drummer, a band he’d been a member of before his departure in 2016. He lived with chronic disease for the rest of his life, leading eventually to his death in 2020.

Todd Nance was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 20 November 1962. Before being given his first drum kit on Christmas 1975 he started playing the guitar as a boy. This was around this time he attended his first gig, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and was motivated to be more serious about performing music. He first met his future Widespread Panic bandmate Michael Houser in 1977 or 1978 while at high school and they founded the band Just Us together. After completing his high school graduation in 1981, Nance moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Todd Nance Age

He was 57 years old.

Todd Nance Career

He reconnected with Michael Houser in 1986 and joined the band that Houser had founded alongside John Bell and Dave Schools. In February 1986 the Quartet performed its first show as Widespread Panic. Before developing into a nationally recognized act, they established a local following around Athens, Georgia. Nance played drums on the band’s first eleven studio albums (he didn’t feature on their 2015 release, Street Dogs, but won credit for co-writing on all the tracks on the record). Along with all the other Widespread Panic members, Nance was a brute member of the band. From 1995 till 2002. This band consisted of all at the time in Widespread Panic (with the exception of Domingo Ortiz, although he did perform on the second album of the band) and Vic Chesnutt. Two albums were released, Nine High a Pallet, and Co-Balt.

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He took a hiatus from Widespread Panic to deal with personal matters starting in late 2014. He had been replaced by Duane Trucks for all live dates. In February 2016, he joined the band for four shows at their destination event called “Panic en La Playa.” After that, Widespread Panic announced that Nance had officially left the band and will be permanently replaced by Trucks. Panic Nance sporadically toured during his hiatus from Widespread with a band known as Todd Nance & Friends. Several musicians in this group who have worked with him included Luther Dickinson, Jerry Joseph, and David Barbe. Todd Nance & Friends also performs regionally around Georgia in different models.

In addition to these bands, after his hiatus and departure from Widespread Panic, Nance has sat in with a number of bands including Bloodkin and the Dyrty Byrds.

Todd Nance Death Cause

Todd Nance passed away at the age of 57, on 19 August 2020. His death was first posted on Facebook by Cody Dickinson’s partner and later confirmed by Relix. No cause of death was mentioned forthwith. Read a Widespread Panic Family Report below:

With heavy Hearts and Loving memories we say good bye to our Brother Todd Alton Nance. Widespread Panic was born the night of Todd’s first show. He and Mikey had played music together in High school (maybe Junior high) and with a lucky thought, Michael tracked him down and asked him to join us – because we had a gig, but needed a drummer. For thirty years Todd was the engine of the Widespread Panic. He wrote great songs, and was a giving and forgiving collaborator. T Man was the epitome of a “team player.” Drove the Band and drove the van.

Funny, adventurous, and a very kind Soul, we wish Todd and his Family peace during this sad time after so many happy times.

Safe travels, Brother Todd.

With Love, the Boys and Girls of Widespread Panic


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I just can’t believe I am writing these words again, so soon.. Saying goodbye to my dear friend and drumming brother, Todd Nance. Todd had that deep, southern boogie groove. Undeniable and infectious. The real deal Holyfield. His signature drumming style influenced so many. His many great performances brought happiness and joy to us all. Todd would always invite me to sit in and play with WSP. I mean ALWAYS. Of all the drummers who have shown me so much love and support all these years, he was the guy who would say, ‘come on Cody, play drums during my solo. Or washboard. Whatever you want.’ Who does that?? Todd Nance. That’s who. Love you buddy. Always. God bless and god speed. Lord, please look after Tammy and his family, as well as all of us who loved him so much, during this difficult time. Amen. Cody

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