Who is Tinessa Hogan? Bio, Wiki, Age, Person of Interest, Two Girls Found Dead

Tinessa Hogan Bio/Wiki

After her daughters were tragically discovered floating in a Florida canal, a woman named Tinessa Hogan has been named a person of interest.

Destiny Hogan and Daysha Hogan, ages 9 and 7, were last seen swimming in the Lauderhill canal on Monday, June 21, police announced at a press conference on Wednesday, June 23.

Tinessa Hogan, the children’s mother, was named as a person of interest when she failed to report the children’s disappearance, according to the New York Post.


She is 36 years old.

Her Two Daughters Found Dead

Hogan was saw swimming with her daughters in the canal on Monday, according to authorities. She was said to have been carrying a Bible and had begged a neighbor to baptize her.

Lawana Johnson, a neighbor, told CBS Miami, “She was in the water swimming, she had a bible and she told me to come here. I said, ‘Why?’ She said she wanted to baptize me. She says God told her, I say ‘God didn’t tell you anything,”

According to officials, the chat took place around the same time the sisters were last seen.

It’s worth mentioning that Tinessa Hogan is not currently being held in custody. Meanwhile, it’s unclear whether she was Baker Acted, which is psychiatric detention that lasts up to 72 hours.

Lauderhill Police Lt Mike Bigwood said, adding that the girl’s father is not in the family picture, “She is not in the community right now, and we’re not at liberty to say where she is,”

Constance Stanley, the chief of the Lauderhill Police Department, outlined the situation, “The takeaway here is that we don’t have someone out there creating issues in the community that may cause harm,”

“I need you guys to come … to see if there is a little girl’s body in the water,” one caller told the dispatcher, per the Post. “I can’t tell if it’s a mannequin head, I mean a mannequin body or a body that’s been in the water for some days.”

Following multiple explicit 911 calls, the sisters’ bodies were discovered on Tuesday. The one girl was discovered wearing jean shorts and a gray T-shirt with the word “Dance” written in pink, according to WPLG. At around 9 p.m., the second female was spotted floating in the same waters.

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The Medical Examiner has yet to identify Destiny and Daysha’s cause of death, according to police. They are currently seeking public assistance in putting together the case.

Bigwood said, “We’re making a plea to the public and specifically the community of central Lauderhill, to please, if you know the family, if you know the children, if you’re familiar with the relationship, if you’re familiar with any churches, organizations that the family may be a part of, please call us,”

“We desperately need to know what these relationships are and put some context to how this may have happened.”

Authorities hope to learn more from neighbors who left balloons and a cuddly teddy bear at the area where one of the girls was discovered.

Lt Bigwood added, “Any knowledge of the family, the family dynamic, activities that the family engaged in together, just general information about who they were and what their day-to-day life was like would be extremely helpful,”

Contact If Anyone Knows Anything

Broward Crime Stoppers can be reached at (954) 493-TIPS if you or someone you know has information about the case.

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