Who is Tiffany She’ree? Bio, Wiki, Age, Earns $1000 Per Week

Tiffany She’ree Bio/Wiki

After finding that she could make an astounding $1,000 per week by selling discarded goods she found in the trash, a Texas mother-of-four named Tiffany She’ree AKA Dumpster Diver Mom quit her full-time job to become a dumpster diver.

Tiffany She’ree quit her work as a cafeteria server in 2020 after discovering that she could make up to $1,000 per week by selling discarded items she acquired at garage sales.


She is 32 years old.

How Tiffany She’ree Earns $1000 Per Week?

Dumpster diving has been a hobby for Sheree, who has four children and over 2 million followers on TikTok.

She said to the Daily Mail, “I’d never heard of or thought about dumpster diving before I randomly saw a video on YouTube of these girls dumpster diving,”

“When I saw the haul they came back with I knew I had to try it for myself.”

She gave it a try for the first time in 2017 and discovered skincare goods and $1,200 worth of makeup.

She and her husband Daniel Roach, 38, have gone on garbage hunts together since then. Not only does the selling pay the bills, but it also allows them to furnish the majority of their home with objects they found in the trash.

Sheree posts her dives to TikTok from the trash outside of Victoria’s Secret, Party City, and Ulta stores. Items with slightly damaged packing to returns that can’t be resold are among the discards.

She just grabbed a $750 coffee machine from Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as hundreds of dollars in unopened makeup.

She said, “I’ve found bedsheets, pillows, blankets, towels, little odds and ends, even pet products like cat trees and dog cages,”

Others have referred to her dumpster-diving lifestyle as garbage, despite the fact that it has proven beneficial to her.

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Some have compared these hunts to stealing, however, the Daily Mail reports that it is allowed in the United States.

But she fights back, telling the haters that the products she hits would have ended up in landfills if she hadn’t fished them out of dumpsters.

She said, “I’m happy that I’m saving items from landfills and doing my bit to help the environment and keep the planet clean,”

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