Who is Tessa Knapp? Biography, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Murder Her Roommate Details

Tessa Knapp Bio/Wiki

A Tennessee woman named Tessa Knapp is accused of driving fatally last week over her former roommate with a car in a motel parking lot.

Credit: nashville.gov

According to a City of Nashville press release, Tessa Knapp, of Nashville, was arrested Friday. In the Feb. 5 death of Amanda Byers, 20, she was charged with murder, the release said.


She is 21 years old.

Who Is The Victim?

Police state that on Feb. 1, she purposely ran over 20-year-old Amanda Byers in the Rodeway Inn parking lot on Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage. Byers died on Feb. 5 from her injuries.

Before her death, police said Byers told them that the incident was deliberate and occurred shortly after Knapp stole her money and other possessions.

Murder Her Roommate Full Details

Officials state the surveillance video shows a woman in the motel parking lot running to a car, believed to be Knapp. On the side of the car, Byers can be seen trailing her and banging. Witnesses say that she yelled for Knapp to stop.

Byers could then be seen trying to stop the car, but the front driver’s side tire knocked her down and rolled over her. With Byers under the car, the vehicle stopped for a moment before the driver rolled back over her again with the rear tire.


according to the nashville.gov homicide suspect, Tessa Knapp arrested,

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