[WATCH] Who is Taylor Bracey? Biography: Wiki, Age, Slammed By School Resource Officer Full Details

Taylor Bracey Bio/Wiki

A Florida teenager named ‘Taylor Bracey’ seen being body-slammed by a school resource officer in a viral video this week has been “traumatized” by the incident, her family said.

Her mother told reporters at a press conference Saturday that Taylor Bracey, a student at Liberty High School in Kissimmee, is suffering from memory loss, headaches, fuzzy vision, and sleep deprivation.


She is 16 years old.

Slammed By School Resource Officer Full Details (Full Video)

After being slammed into the pavement by Fournier, the viral video shows Bracey losing consciousness, who then handcuffed her behind her back as he was motionless on the ground.

Officials claimed Fournier was breaking up a war. According to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, 33-year-old Fournier, a St. Cloud, Florida, resident, is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

On January 29, her mother, Jamesha Bracey, spoke at a press conference, “My daughter is having headaches, blurry vision, She’s having trouble remembering things. Having a hard time sleeping. She’s very traumatized at this moment.”

The family said they were worried that she had caused permanent damage.


Video Details

At a press conference, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Fournier was breaking up a war.

But Bracey’s mother told reporters it was just a verbal, not a physical, altercation. The footage of the incident posted on social media does not explain what contributed to the body slam.

The video shows Fournier holding the twisted arm of Bracey behind her back and then tossing it over her knee and head. Bracey’s head and shoulder smack into the pavement as other students scream.

On top of the face-down Bracey, who seems to be unconscious and not breathing, Fournier then flips over. In the video, Fournier can be seen grabbing the limp arms of Bracey and handcuffing her behind her back as other students respond. As the video ends, another school employee then comes over to check on Bracey.

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