Tammy Peterson Biography: Wiki, Age, Husband, Former Massage Therapist, Net Worth

Tammy Peterson Bio

Tammy Peterson is a retired and foster parent massage therapist. For more than two decades, she has been fostering parenting and raising many children in and around Canada. Peterson is renowned for being the wife of Jordan Peterson. Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, has checked for rehabilitation in NY as he attempts to get rid of prescribed medication.

Tammy Peterson Short Profile
First Name
Last Name
Birth Date
June 3, 1965
Husband Name
Jordan Peterson
Net Worth
$1 million

Tammy Peterson Age

Peterson was born as Tammy Roberts in Canada on June 3, 1965. She is 54 years Old

Tammy Peterson Husband (Jordan Peterson) And Children

Tammy Peterson And Jordan Peterso
Tammy Peterson And Jordan Peterson

Peterson encountered Jordan at the age of eight. The two grew up in Alberta, Canada, in the same neighborhood.  The moment he saw her, Jordan fell in love with her. Jordan told his father when they were studying in fifth grade that he wanted to marry her. Years later, in 1989, Peterson married Jordan and since then the two have been together. She and her husband presently live in Toronto, Ontario.

Tammy Peterson And Jordan Peterso Family
Tammy Peterson And Jordan Peterson Family 

The pair have two kids together. Name Julian Peterson and Mikhaila Peterson

About Jordan Peterson And Controversies

Jordan is a clinical psychologist working at the University of Toronto and teaching psychology. He has credited his spouse by giving him precious guidance from time to time to help him remain humble.

Jordan produces marriage-related videos. His video recently deals with his wife, he asks why we should get married. His primary research focus is personality, social, and abnormality. Jordan also wrote books such as; Meaning Maps and 12 Life Rules.

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Tammy Peterson Career

Peterson started her profession as a massage therapist but she started working as his consultant after getting married to Jordan. Because of her love for children, when she was around 30, Peterson decided to become a foster parent–she has been fostering parenting for over 20 years. She usually takes orphanage children who don’t have a permanent home. She became a foster parent to provide a home and a family for kids, according to Peterson.

She said in one of her interviews that everyone should have a permanent home as it gives them the chance to go back to a location (home) even if they get into trouble by messing up their life.

Tammy Peterson Net Worth

It is revealed that Peterson is worth about $1 million and that her spouse is worth about $1.5 million.

The health of Tammy Peterson

Jordan, 57, began taking the addictive drug previously this year to take care of stress from his spouse’s fight with most cancers and various problems of well-being. Most of the time, Peterson recovered, several surgical problems and procedures placed huge pressure on the family, including Dr. Peterson–an author of self-help who received global attention to push back against political correctness. During the summer, he attempted to give up cold turkey after his wife, Tammy Roberts, recovered “miraculously” from kidney surgery problems

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