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Tamarius David Bio/Wiki

According to authorities and a witness at the horrifying scene, a Georgia man named Tamarius David “randomly” shot and killed a tourist dining outside with his family on Miami Beach, then danced over the body.


According to CBS Miami, Tamarius David of Norcross, Georgia, allegedly opened fire from close range on Dustin Wakefield while he was eating in the outside part of La Cerveceria de Barrio on Miami Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive on Tuesday night.

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Tamarius David is 22 years old and Dustin Wakefield was 21 years old.

What Happened?

A witness, who did not want to be identified, told the tv network, “He was dancing on top of the guy after the shooting,”

According to his family, Wakefield, who was on vacation from Castlerock, Colorado, sought to defend his 1-year-old kid before being shot numerous times.

Mike Wakefield, his uncle, told the newspaper, “This guy came in with a gun waving it, saying ‘it’s time to die.’ He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, ‘He’s only a boy,’”

“Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground.”

According to authorities, another customer was hit by gunshots and has non-life-threatening injuries. The identity of the second victim has yet to be revealed by authorities.

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According to CBS Miami, police went to 911 calls about the shooter and discovered David trying to open a locked door while brandishing a handgun. David was seen yelling “I did it!” “I did it.” in an alleyway near the crime scene The Miami Herald stated.

Officers told him to lay down his weapon, which he did, and he was then taken into jail.

According to investigators, David, also known as David Tamarius Blair Jr., confessed to “randomly” shooting the two patrons, telling officials that he was “high on mushrooms, which made him feel empowered.”

He is charged with attempted murder and second-degree murder with a weapon. The Miami-Dade County Jail kept David without bond on Wednesday.

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