Who is Takashi Miyagawa? Bio, Wiki, Age, Dating With 35 Women For Birthday Presents Full Details

Takashi Miyagawa Bio/Wiki

A Japanese man named Takashi Miyagawa was charged with fraud after dating 35 separate women at the same time in order to receive birthday gifts from each of them.

According to Mainichi Broadcasting Systems, Takashi Miyagawa met the women while selling specialized shower heads as part of multi-level marketing business.


He is 39 years old.

Dating With 35 Women For Birthday Presents Full Details

According to Newsflash, Takashi Miyagawa, a part-time worker in Kansai with no fixed address, told each of his “girlfriends” that his birthday fell on a different date so that he could obtain a plethora of presents.

MBS, a Japanese television station, recently published photos of Miyagawa with a variety of people, including one depicting a table with two cakes and a note reading “Happy Birthday.”

Overall, the catfish’s ruse netted him JPY 100,000 (roughly $929.44) in gifts, clothing, and cash.

According to reports, Miyagawa met the single women while selling them hydrogen showerheads and other items for an undisclosed business, and each relationship began with the expectation of marriage.

According to local media sources, he conned at least 35 women before the scorned sugar mamas banded together and reported the scoundrel to the cops in February, a la “John Tucker Must Die.”

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The fraud allegations are still being investigated, but Miyagawa is far from the first “Con Juan” to pull off such a bizarre romance con.

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