Pati Rock (Mick Rock Wife) Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Mick Rock Death Cause

Who is Pati Rock? Pati Rock is the wife of photographer Mick Rock. Mick Rock, a rock photographer, has died. Age Pati Rock was 72 years old and his wife Mick Rock is around 63-65 years old. Children The couple has 1 daughter named Nathalie. Pati Rock And Mick Rock Mick is survived by his … Read more

What is Mick Rock’s Cause Of Death?

Who was Mick Rock? Mick Rock, a legendary music photographer who spent five decades documenting the lives of many of the world’s greatest rock performers, including his soul friend David Bowie, has died. Michael David Rock was a photographer from the United Kingdom. He was a photographer who specialized in rock music. Age He was … Read more