Who is Marcello Molinari? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charges, Arrested, Melissa Molinari Body Found Dead

Marcello Molinari Bio/Wiki Authorities reported Friday that a Long Island mother named Melissa Molinari of four who had been missing for weeks had been found fatally stabbed about two dozen times, and her husband named Marcello Molinari is now facing murder charges. Melissa Molinari was reported missing by Suffolk County Police on Dec. 2, 11 … Read more

Who was Melissa Molinari? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Dead, Husband Arrested

Melissa Molinari Bio/Wiki The search for the missing mother of four named Melissa Molinari on Long Island has come to an end when her body was discovered on Thursday. She had been missing for nearly three weeks. Melissa Molinari was discovered in the Rocky Point Barrens State Forest by Suffolk County police a week after … Read more