Money Chan Man-yee (Liu Kai-chi’s Wife) Biography: Wiki, Age, Children, Liu Kai-chi Death Cause

Who is Money Chan Man-yee? Money Chan Man-yee Bio/Wiki Money Chan Man-yee is the wife of Liu Kai-chi. Ngok mung (2004), Ah Foo (2000), and Fung kwong 83 (1983) are among the films in which Man-Yee Chan has appeared. In March 2021 that Liu had gastric cancer Liu’s wife, Chan Man-yee, responded to a media … Read more

Liu Kai-chi Biography: Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Career, Death Cause

Who is Liu Kai-chi? Liu Kai-chi Bio/Wiki Dick Liu Kai-chi was a Hong Kong actor, best known for his “everyman” supporting roles. He was born on 7 April 1954 in British Hong Kong. He worked for TVB, Hong Kong’s first over-the-air commercial channel, for 25 years but did not renew his contract in 2005. It … Read more