Who is Deandre? Bio, Wiki, Age, Black Man Shoved By Army Soldier Jonathan Pentland, Charged Full Details

Deandre Bio/Wiki Jonathan Pentland, a Fort Jackson drill sergeant, was captured on camera bullying a Young black man in Summit, South Carolina on Tuesday, April 13. The video first went viral on Twitter after it was sent to an account with the username @Angry Staffer, who shared it on their page to spread the word. … Read more

Who is Jonathan Pentland? Bio, Wiki, Age, Harassing A Black Man Full Details, Viral Video

Jonathan Pentland Bio/Wiki Jonathan Pentland, a United States Army sergeant first class, is the subject of an investigation into a viral video from Columbia, South Carolina. According to now-deleted images on his unit’s Facebook page, Pentland is stationed at Fort Jackson in Columbia. On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, a day after the video was posted … Read more