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During a nighttime stroll through a West London park, a mother named Susan Treftub claims she was assaulted by over 100 rats that chewed her arm and legs.

Susan Treftub claimed she was attacked by a “sea” of rats scurrying over the grass while strolling through Blondin Park in Northfields, Ealing, at 9 p.m. on Monday.


She is 43 years old.

How Susan Treftub Attacked By 100 Rats In Ealing Park?

According to The-Sun Susan said, “I have never seen that many animals let alone rats. It was disgusting,”

“I can’t be sure but I thought there were easily over 100. I felt like I was going to be sick. They were crawling on my legs and I had to kick them off. It was just getting dark so it was hard to see where they were coming from.”

Susan added, “I think it is a disgrace. They were nibbling on my feet and trying to run up my body. It needs to be sorted out.”

Her legs and arm were covered in bite marks and bruises, but she didn’t receive any serious injuries. Until that fateful evening on July 19, the London parent claims she had often strolled into the park without ever spotting a rat.

Susan now wants people to know about her ordeal and advises parents to be cautious while their children are in the park.

Susan said, “I would actually be worried if I had a child and could easily see someone becoming overwhelmed by it all. If it was a child there were so many that they actually could have caused some damage.”

Sarah described herself as “helpless” after the attack. She added, “Who do I call or notify? I can hardly call the police and tell them but it’s dangerous and pest control needs to go out there and sort it out,”

“I have never experienced or heard of anyone having this problem. I felt for a while afterwards that I was in a prank show or something. It just seems so ridiculous. I’m not scared to go back to the park but a bit tense is the way I would describe it.”

According to a spokeswoman for the Ealing Council, “Encounters with rats and other potential pest species are clearly unpleasant for anyone involved.”

“We can all help reduce the chances of encountering rats in local parks by taking home all litter and keeping our green spaces clear of rubbish and food.”

Anyone with concerns regarding the spread of pest species in parks should contact the council at [email protected]

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