Who is Stone Foltz (BGSU Student)? Biography, Wiki, Age, Hazing Incident Full Details

Who is Stone Foltz? Stone Foltz Bio/Wiki

Stone Foltz, a Bowling Green State University student, died on Sunday as a result of an alleged alcohol-related hazing incident.

Sean Alto, a family lawyer, said, “The death of Stone Foltz is a tragedy. He was a beloved son, brother, and grandson,”


He was 20 years old.

Hazing Incident Full Details

Stone Foltz has been identified as the BGSU student who was hospitalized after an alleged hazing incident on March 4th at an off-campus Pi Kappa Alpha gathering, according to the Foltz family attorney Sean Alto.

Stone is undergoing the organ donation procedure, according to Alto, who is speaking on behalf of the Foltz family. Stone Foltz’s long-time friends express their surprise.

Foltz’s friend Mason Ross said, “He didn’t look good, he didn’t look like how he usually does, I didn’t think it was going to be easy but it was a lot harder than I thought to go in there.”

Another Foltz’s friend Faulk said, “When I walked in and saw Stone there…my stomach twisted, Just to see someone you love so much and someone always so alive and so fun, it’s just the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

After hazing claims, Pi Kappa Alpha is speaking out. Leaders from the fraternity’s international level have acknowledged that they are aware of an unreported new member of the fraternity at BGSU who was involved in an alleged alcohol-related hazing incident.

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