Who was Stewart Gilray? Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Death Cause

Stewart Gilray Wiki/Bio

Stewart Gilray A WELL-KNOWN games developer died after contracting the Covid virus after refusing to acquire the vaccine due to a fear of needles.

Stewart Gilray, who lost his struggle for life after the virus attacked his lungs, has urged Brits to get the vaccine, even if they are afraid.


He was 51 years old.

What Stewart Gilray’s Wife JABS PLEA Said?

“He was fit – he could have lost a stone or two like the rest of us – but he genuinely believed he was going to survive this virus because he was healthy.

“Before he was intubated he said to me: ‘There’s nothing to worry about. I’m going to be fine. I just need a little rest.'”

Death Cause

Before his death, the seasoned games creator, who lived in Aberdeen, Scotland, had been a part of the business for almost three decades.

Stewart revealed to friends on social media that he was infected with the virus last month. On December 20, he was admitted to the hospital.

The father of two then passed away last week.

A slew of studies has found that Omicron is milder than other strains, with the first official UK report finding a 50 to 70% lower risk of hospitalization than Delta.

Covid booster shots defend against Omicron and give people the best chance of surviving the pandemic, according to health officials.

The Sun’s Jabs Army initiative is assisting in getting essential additional vaccines into the hands of British citizens in order to avoid the need for any new restrictions.

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According to Bec, who spoke to the Daily Record, “Stewart had a serious fear of needles. In all seriousness, in 25 years he had one blood test.

“He avoided trying to go to the doctor’s in case they ever needed to draw blood, but the truth is Stewart wasn’t poor in the 25 years I knew him.”

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