Who is Stacy Steadman? Bio, Wiki, Age, See Burglar Sleeping In Guest Bedroom

Stacy Steadman Bio/Wiki

After breaking in overnight, swimming in her outdoor pool, and eating the family’s leftover chicken, an Ohio woman named Stacy Steadman awoke to find a burglar sleeping in her guest bedroom.

“He just helped himself to everything in our house,” Stacy Steadman said of the odd break-in at her family’s Canton home on Monday morning, according to the Associated Press.


Her age is unknown.

Stacey Steadman Wakes Up And Sees The Thief Sleeping In The Guest Bedroom

Steadman, who lives with her husband, son, and brother-in-law, claimed she noticed a light on in the spare room and went to investigate, where she discovered the not-so-smooth criminal snoozing.

The quick-thinking woman, whose husband, Raymond Pearson, had already left for work when the intruder entered the house, awoke her brother-in-law, Bryant Pearson, who chased the intruder away.

That, unfortunately, was just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the Associated Press, the devastated wife later discovered that the door to the backyard was open and that the man’s sopping wet trousers were resting beside the pool, indicating that he’d gone for a swim.

She went on to say that the thief had also consumed the leftovers from the previous night’s chicken supper and had even “lit a candle in the bathroom,” as if their home were an Airbnb.

The scary nap-nabber even stole a pair of her son’s underwear before fleeing.

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Although Steadman’s husband had seen the man wandering down the street shirtless before leaving for work at 4 a.m., it’s unknown how he got into the house. Before driving away, he allegedly waited until the wackadoo had gone by.

He said, “When I left here, my family was sound asleep. My family was safe,”

The Burglar Was Arrested

Fortunately, the sleepy chicken-snatcher was caught by police, who suspected him of being inebriated and took him to a hospital for testing.

The individual was charged with burglary and issued a court summons as a result of his actions.

Steadman and her husband said they are both shaken by the fact that a man was able to enter their home, which they have resided in since 2009, without them noticing.

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