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Michael Long Bio/Wiki

Michael Long is the father of Sophie Long.

Sophie Long, a 10-year-old Texas girl, has gone missing after officials believe her father, Michael Long, took her after viral recordings alleging abuse surfaced on the internet.

The child’s parents had been involved in a contentious custody battle over their three children, with the courts siding with Michael Long, and the mother denying any allegations of abuse.

Since July 12, 2021, the child has not been seen. In an early news release from a law company, a family spokeswoman claimed, “We are unfortunately dealing with a very volatile and increasingly dangerous situation. Michael Long will seemingly stop at nothing to destroy his ex-wife, even if it wreaks massive psychological damage on his family and involves stealing money from the public through false claims,”


Sophie Long is 10 years old and his father Michael Long is 42 years old.

Sophie Long Missing Update Story

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Sophie Long is suspected to have been abducted by her father, Michael Long, who does not have custody rights.

In 2020, during a custody battle with his ex-wife Kelly Long over their three children, Michael Long established a popular GoFundMe campaign and uploaded videos. The #standwithsophie campaign included a heartbreaking 19:30-minute YouTube video in which the girl appeared to be in anguish and stated that she did not want to see her mother, Kelly Long, whom Michael Long accused of abusing the child.

Last year, a court-appointed amicus counsel tasked to represent their children’s best interests labeled the film as “self-produced” and “heavily altered,” according to the mother. Kelly Long should be given sole legal custody, according to the attorney.

According to Fox, Michael Long was accused of coaching the kids and rarely sending them to school in court records. After an examination, doctors discovered no symptoms of se*ual assault in the oldest child.

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The father used a GoFundMe page to seek $200,000 in response to the allegations of child abuse. The Routzon Law Firm attempted to alert the public that the father’s GoFundMe website was a “scam.”

Kourtney Chalmers posted on the Sophie Long Case Updates Facebook page on July 18, 2021, “It has been 10 days since Sophie went missing. The DPS listing has old photos of Sophie and Michael unfortunately. I’ve included a group of pictures that were all taken in the last year. I’m praying this will help someone spot them and help us bring Sophie home safely.”

Sophie’s stepmother Chalmers wrote, “Again, a psychological evaluation reported Michael is not a stable person for Sophie to be with and he has threatened to flee the country with her. If you see Michael and Sophie please DO NOT approach them or post it on social media. Call the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office at 830-379-1224. Do not call unless you have reliable information on Sophie’s location or you could be the reason someone who does know where she is waits on hold. Please share. Someone you know may have seen them. Let’s find her before this situation becomes anymore heartbreaking. Thank you!”

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