Slawomir Kulesza (Murdered By A Drunken Man) Biography: Wiki, Age, Murdered, Arkadiusz Kacmarek

Who is Slawomir Kulesza? Slawomir Kulesza Bio/Wiki

Arkadiusz Kacmarek stabbed father-of-one Slawomir Kulesza, 47, with a kitchen knife repeatedly in the head and heart.

The 22-year-old denied the murder and said that he was so intoxicated that the house in Ellesemere Port, Cheshire, had no recollection of the violence.

Kacmarek was found guilty and granted a 19-year minimum term.

After the nine-day trial at Chester Crown Court, he was also accused of possession of a knife in a public venue. The police said that they would “never know” what contributed to the stabbing that occurred after Kacmarek had drunk to excess.


He was 47 years old.

Murdered By A Drunken Man Full Details

The killer first encountered Mr. Kulesza when, in February, he moved into a two-storey mid-terrace house at Blakemere Court in the capital. The pair were seen purchasing a bottle of vodka together at a local shop on the evening of 1 May.

A neighbor later reported hearing loud noises coming from the property and was caught on CCTV walking along Westminster Road at about 01:05 BST Kacmarek holding a kitchen knife, which was later discovered discarded in an alleyway.

Then he was seen walking on Westminster Bridge by police and stopped when they saw blood on his clothing.

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The officers took him home and found that Mr. Kulesza had been seriously wounded in the kitchen, and Kacmarek was arrested.

Post-Mortem Report

Later on, a post-mortem revealed that Mr. Kulesza died of stab wounds.

DNA analysis revealed blood belonging to Mr. Kulesza on Kacmarek ‘s clothes and on the kitchen knife, and traces of Kacmarek ‘s DNA were also found on the knife.

Det Insp Kate Tomlinson, of Cheshire Constabulary, said Mr. Kulesza had been exposed to “a horrific degree of violence” by Kacmarek, leading to serious brain and heart injuries. She Said “It was a vicious and sustained assault and Kacmarek then left Slawomir dead or dying on their kitchen floor as he went out to dispose of the knife,”

“Our thoughts are with the victim’s family.”

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