Skylar Mack (Sentenced to 4 Months) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Jailed For Breaking Quarantine Details

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Skylar Mack is an American teen and student at Mercer University in Georgia who, authorities in the Caribbean nation say, was sentenced to four months in prison for violating the COVID-19 quarantine in the Cayman Islands to watch her boyfriend compete in a professional jet ski competition. Vanjae Ramgeet, Mack’s 24-year-old boyfriend, also got a four-month term, reports the Cayman News Service.

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Mack arrived in the Cayman Islands on November 27, according to the DPP office, and was expected to undergo a minimum 14-day quarantine-in-residence, according to the Caymanian Covid suppression guidelines.

Mack instead left her residence on November 29 and removed her geo-fencing bracelet, which tracks her location, to watch Ramgeet participate in a jet ski event.


She is 18 years old and her boyfriend is Vanjae Ramgeet is 24 years old.

Jailed For Breaking Quarantine

According to the Cayman News Service, on November 29, just two days after landing on the island, Mack, who is the daughter of pro jet ski racer Dennis Mack, violated a 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. After slipping off a wristband that monitored her location, she spent seven hours with members of the public, the journal says.

She told officials that the iMsafe wristband was too tight, so they loosened it at the hotel where she was quarantined, and according to the Cayman News Service, she was then able to slip it off. In the South Sound, Mack then attended a jet ski gathering, causing four families to go into isolation. There is no local spread of coronavirus in Cayman at present.

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Initially, according to prosecutors, a judge sentenced Mack and Ramgeet, a Cayman Islands resident, to 40 hours of community service and a fine of $2,600 each. Mack paid the fine, but the government appealed, and on December 17, the paper notes, she was re-sentenced.

Mack and Ramgeet could not be contacted by Heavy for comment. After the December 15 hearing, The Cayman News Service reported, “Visibly distraught by the decision, the couple was remanded immediately. Though it is unlikely that they will serve the full four months, they will almost certainly be spending the holidays in HMP Fairbanks and HMP Northward respectively.”

Pleaded Guilty

After the November 29 incident, Mack pleaded guilty to failure to comply with COVID-19 suppression laws, and spent time in a government quarantine facility before being re-sentenced and moved to prison on December 17, the Cayman Compass notes.

On November 27, Mack had arrived on the island and was expected to stay in her hotel for 14 days before engaging with the public, as all the island’s new arrivals are. Justice Roger Chapple said during the re-sentence hearing, The Cayman Compass, according to, “the gravity of the breach was such that the only appropriate sentence would have been one of immediate imprisonment,”

According to the Cayman News Service, “Justice Chapple was clearly concerned about imposing a custodial sentence on young people with no previous convictions but said he was paying close attention to the message of deterrent needed to protect Cayman’s enviable position of being free of the virus.”


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According to her Facebook profile, Skylar Mack lives in Loganville, Georgia, and graduated from high school there in 2019. She is at Mercer University in her second year, where she is studying biology.

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Though she has been referred to as a medical student by some news outlets in the Cayman Islands, her Facebook page reveals she is planning to go to medical school after completing her undergraduate studies.

Some news sources have mistakenly reported that she is attending the University of Georgia.

“cough in my face, i have antibodies now” -syd @ Mercer University

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