Who was Skyla Whiting? Bio, Wiki, Age, Little Girl Dies From Sepsis

Skyla Whiting Bio/Wiki

An inquest heard that a girl named Skyla Whiting died of sepsis after being sent home from the physicians with a ‘tummy bug.’

Skyla Whiting was rushed to hospital in Wales by her mother Amy Whiting, who claims she ‘might have been saved’ if medics had intervened sooner, TheSun reported.


She was 4 years old.

Little Girl ‘Skyla Whiting’ Dies From Sepsis Full Details

Mrs. Whiting claims that officials at Abergavenny’s Nevill Hall Hospital treated her as an ‘inconvenience’ and urged her not to bring Skyla back.

According to TheSun, the small child had been vomiting and had a rash, but a GP at the hospital diagnosed her with a viral infection.

Mrs. Whiting opted to transport her daughter to a different hospital in Cardiff after losing ‘all faith’ in the nurses there.

Amy, of Blaenavon, Gwent, was told Skyla was “desperately ill” and suffering from toxic shock syndrome after being admitted to University Hospital Wales in Cardiff.

According to the NHS, toxic shock syndrome is a rare, life-threatening disorder caused by germs entering the body and releasing deadly chemicals.

Anyone of any age can be affected.

According to BBC, Mrs. Whiting was asked whether she wanted Skyla baptized by a nurse on May 15, the court heard.

Mrs. Whiting told the court she realized “there was nothing further they could do” at that point.

She said, “It is my belief that opportunities to save Skyla’s life were missed at the Nevill Hall Hospital.”

Prof Parviz Habibi, an expert pediatric specialist, said in a report commissioned by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, “In my opinion there was a missed opportunity to consider Sepsis by the evening of 13 May 2018.”

“A diagnosis of sepsis should have been made. On the balance of probabilities Skyla’s life would have been saved if such actions would have been taken.”

Dr. Robert Scott-Jupp, in a separate report commissioned by the health board, stated, “In my opinion, on the balance of probabilities she would have survived with earlier intervention, ie intravenous antibiotics,” BBC reported.

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