Who is Siaka Massaquoi? Bio, Wiki, Age, Entered Capitol, Raided By FBI Full Details

Siaka Massaquoi Bio/Wiki

Siaka Massaquoi, a former Iowa football player, had his North Hollywood home raided by around 20 FBI officers last Friday.

In this regard, he said on Instagram:


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Massaquoi, a running back from Evanston, Illinois, was a member of the Iowa football team in 2000 and 2001. He had 16 carries and two touchdowns in his career, and he was temporarily ahead of future star Fred Russell on Iowa’s depth chart. In a 1997 game for Evanston High, he carried for 387 yards on 52 carries and was elected the school’s homecoming king at halftime.


He is around 30-35 years old.

Raided By FBI Full Detail

According to a source familiar with the inquiry, about 20 agents armed and dressed in tactical gear invaded Siaka Massaquoi’s North Hollywood house soon before 6 a.m. Thursday.

Brian Burks, 42, is listed at the same address in public records. Burks did not respond to a request for comment, but his ex-wife, Luvelle Mendoza, verified that he was arrested by federal agents for a short time.

When Burks’ home was raided, Mendoza stated their two sons, ages 3 and 7, were present.

Evanston offensive coordinator Jed Curtis said, “You can’t make a bad play call when Siaka has the ball,”

In June 2002, Massaquoi was dismissed from the Hawkeyes. During a traffic stop in March 2002, he was charged with second-offense drunken driving, driving with a suspended license, and presenting false information to law enforcement agents. Massaquoi relocated to California and pursued a career as an actor. On IMBD.com, he has 35 acting credits. Parts on the Netflix series “Ratched” are among the most current.

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He’s gotten a lot of attention for his political and social beliefs, and he’s appeared in a lot of YouTube videos, including this one.

In a Los Angeles Times report on a protest against a COVID-19 immunization center set up at Dodger Stadium, Massaquoi was quoted.

This Twitter feed has a collection of photographs and videos of Massaquoi in the United States Capitol on January 6. Here’s a video that Massaquoi took following his visit to the Capitol. Massaquoi said, “We had the right to walk into the Capitol because it’s ours,”

“That’s our Capitol. That’s not the politicians’ Capitol. It’s ours.

“And you know what happened, the police, the Gestapo, came and stopped people from going into the building that is theirs. We have the right to go in there.”

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