Shirley Devine (Sydney Devine Wife) Biography: Wiki, Age, Children, Sydney Devine Death Cause

Who is Shirley Devine? Shirley Devine Bio/Wiki

Shirley Devine is the wife of Sydney Devine.

Sydney Devine was a singer from Scotland. He was born on 11 January 1940 in Cleland, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.


She is 83 years old.

Shirley Devine And Sydney Devine

He lived with his wife, Shirley, in Ayr.


The couple has one daughter named Debby McGregor.

Devine confirmed a nationwide tour with his daughter, Debby McGregor, Scotland’s leading female ventriloquist, at the age of 78, in September 2017, almost 20 years after his last tour.

Sydney Devine Death Cause

After being rushed to the Ayr Hospital in Scotland on January 23, the Country and Western singer had been battling a mystery illness.

He, unfortunately, died on Saturday, 13 February 2021. In a statement released by Karen, daughter of Mr. Devine’s, she says: “My dad took unwell at home and Dad knew it was a bit more serious than a normal chest infection, after calling an ambulance and being admitted into Ayr Hospital on January 23.”

“The doctors tried everything they could and battled non-stop to save my dad, and my dad fought the illness with great dignity and with everything he had, but the illness took hold of him.”

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