Sheikh Noreen Muhammad Siddiq (Quran Reciter) Biography: Wiki, Age, Traffic Accident, Death Cause

Who is Sheikh Noreen? Sheikh Noreen Bio/Wiki

The Sheikh was renowned for reciting the Noble Quran in a respected voice that, during the month of Ramadan, attracted thousands of devotees and became the Imam of Khartoum, the capital’s most famous mosque.

Noreen’s recitation is repeated in public transport buses, private cars, Holy Qur’an radio, and in Sudanese and international markets and shops.

He took part in many international competitions on behalf of Sudan, including Malaysia and Dubai, where he received his third international Holy Quran Prize in a competition with 83 countries.

In the Bara region, North Kordofan state, in the mid-1990s, Noreen began memorizing the Quran at the hands of the sheikhs of Kataeb. Amongst other Sudanese readers, he is famous for reciting the Holy Quran with various narratives.


He was 38 years old.

Death Cause

Noreen Muhammad Siddiqi, a Sudanese reciter, was killed on Friday in a traffic accident in the city of Halfa in Sudan’s Northern State.

According to Arabic media sources, when his car crashed in the Al-Halafa Valley in North Sudan, Sheikh Nurayn, a Sudanese reciter renowned for his beautiful and eloquent recitation of the Quran, returned yesterday from a trip taken for ‘Dawah’ (when an invitation to join Islam is extended).

Three of his associates were also killed in the crash, according to the reports, while one person was wounded and admitted to the hospital. It is said that his condition is serious.

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