Who was Shatavia Walls? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot And Killed

Shatavia Walls Bio/Wiki

Federal prosecutors claimed Monday that a woman named Shatavia Walls who testified against a Brooklyn gang that plagued the NYCHA apartment where she resided was hunted down and killed after being labeled a “snitch,” revealing sickening details of her execution-style murder.

Shatavia Walls, the victim, was shot and killed by two guys near a jogging path near the Pink Houses in East New York on July 7, 2020, according to authorities. She died at Brookdale Hospital ten days later.


She was 33 years old.

Shot And Killed Full Details

Federal prosecutors believe that her assassination was meticulously planned and carried out by members of the Ninedee Gang, one of whom referred to her as a “snitch” when arguing about letting off fireworks at the housing complex on July 4 of that year.

Walls testified in a federal court hearing in Brooklyn in 2019 that a member of the Loopy Gang, another crew in the complex with tight ties to the Ninedees, had shot her two years prior, according to the feds. She was under a lot of stress in her building at the time of her testimony, with gang members plastering leaflets around the complex calling her a “rat.”

Then, during a July 4 fireworks brawl, Ninedee member Maliek Miller allegedly called her a “snitch” and shot a gun into the air, according to authorities. When Walls came from one of the complex’s buildings at 9:25 p.m., Green approached her from behind, exchanged words with her, and then started firing a revolver at her, according to the feds. Prosecutors claim Green missed and hit an innocent bystander.

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According to court documents, Walls then fled away from Green, who pursued her while continuing to fire at her, at one point leaping over a fence to get a clear shot. Prosecutors claim that in her haste to save her life, the unlucky woman unwittingly ran into a second gunman, an unidentified juvenile suspect who opened fire.

Green subsequently caught up to Walls and shot him behind one of the buildings on Linden Boulevard, according to prosecutors. Following the slaying, other Ninedee members sought refuge in Queens to avoid increased police surveillance at the Pink Houses.

According to court documents, a fourth defendant, Kevin Wint, was charged as accessory after the fact for assisting them in hiding in Queens after the murder.

The names of the suspects’ attorneys were not immediately available.

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