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Who is Shannon Melendi? Shannon Melendi Bio/Wiki

Shannon Melendi, a college student, scored in a softball game in Atlanta when she vanished on a Saturday afternoon in March 1994. She was born Born on October 20, 1974, in Miami, Florida.

Credit: Luis Melendi / Facebook

“Colvin “Butch” Hinton III, a convicted s*x offender who had been employed as an umpire on the softball field the day Melendi was taken, abducted, ra*ed, and killed the Miami native, WKYC reported.


She was 19 years old.

Abducted And Killed Full Details

Credit: Luis Melendi / Facebook

Shannon’s roommate became worried about her well-being when she refused to return home by the next morning or leave a note behind. Thus, only to find her black Nissan 280SX vehicle abandoned in the gas station parking lot, she went on a search for Shannon. She immediately dialed 911 when the roommate saw that the car was unlocked, with the keys still in the ignition.

Sadly, before officers told Shannon’s friends to drive it back to the Emory University campus, the conveyance was not dusted for any fingerprints or trace evidence. It was only after that that the official search started for her.


A five-member team of FBI agents investigated the case of Shannon’s disappearance full time for over two years, looking for any signs that might lead to her location. Then, after 30 months, Shannon’s parents admitted that she was dead and offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of the remains of their daughter. Sadly, they have never been unearthed to this day.

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As for what happened to Shannon, the July 2006 confession of her perpetrator prompted the authorities to conclude that she was assaulted at knifepoint until she was strangled to death. In addition, her rapist said that he had burned her body and disposed of the ashes.

After he was released from jail at the end of 2003, prosecutors again zeroed in on him, charging him in August 2004 with Shannon’s abduction and murder.

Death Cause (Who Killed Shannon Melendi?)

Shannon Melendi was killed by Colvin Cornelious “Butch” Hinton III, working as an umpire at the same softball club mentioned earlier. He was drawn to Shannon, according to sources, and attempted to flirt with her during games, for which he was also reprimanded by the management of the club earlier the same year.

Therefore, when the authorities traced back the eerie and anonymous tip of a man claiming to have kidnapped Shannon to the place where Colvin lived in the days after the incident, they concentrated all their attention on him. His criminal records revealed, after all, that he had a history of abusing multiple women.

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The unidentified man told the operator during that call that Shannon was alive but that she “felt lonely.” He offered to leave behind a piece of her jewelry on the payphone he was using to call them as evidence of his words.

If the authorities arrived at the said phone booth outside a Burger King in Rex, Georgia, a ring was discovered nearby that Shannon got from her godmother.

Consequently, Colvin’s home was searched several times in the months that followed, but there were no traces of Shannon anywhere. In his backyard, however, women’s clothing, shoes, a sleeping bag, and a club scorecard were found buried.

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Colvin’s house burned down six months after Shannon’s disappearance. Authorities believed that to destroy any evidence that could link him to Shannon, he set the fire on purpose, but he blamed a defective vacuum cleaner. Colvin was accused of arson and theft in April 1995.

This action resulted from new facts, including Colvin’s supposed confessions to his prisoners. He was arrested for the same crime in September 2005, about a year before he dropped the innocent act and confessed for real.

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